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June 2024

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Coordinator of
Women's Ministry
Barbara Prasad
573-635-9127, ext. 222

Administrative Assistant
Maddie Gramlich
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Alphonse J. Schwartze Catholic Center
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Who We Are

A Message from Barb

“We must not separate our life from the Eucharist. The moment we do so, something shatters.” St Teresa of Calcutta

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We are about to be blessed with the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage journeying through our
diocese July 1 to 5 th . I hope you will check out the locations and try and join one of the walks or
talks and perhaps encourage or organize others in your parish to do so! As I participated in
mass on Sunday for the celebration of Corpus Christi Sunday and participated in the exposition
and benediction after mass, I was touched by the fact that none of this do I celebrate alone! I
am surrounded by my church family. I looked around at all the faces in our large parish and was
comforted by the number of people I know. The people I have volunteered with, shared raising
children with, studied with and celebrated mass with for the past 29 years. So many of them I
know personally and yet there are always new faces, new families joining us!

Later as I sat down to our Sunday dinner family tradition, I again was touched by how genius
our Lord was to make mass a time of gathering around a table for a meal. A meal that far
surpasses anything my husband and I can whip up on Sunday. A meal steeped in love and
sacrifice. If for no other reason I could never abandon my Catholic faith. This meal shared with
others has become the centerpiece and starting point of my week. I cannot imagine life without

As you make your plans this month, I hope you will check out some of the opportunities we have
to gather with other women and grow your connection to your parish and our diocese of
believers! I also hope you will take the opportunity to invite others to join you. Perhaps even
someone you miss seeing. Someone that may have left our table or are not as frequent at
joining as they once were. Maybe they are just waiting for someone to remind them they are

There is a great book recommendation on the Eucharist this month, our new quarterly bible
study and a Fall retreat to make plans for! Plus, I am sure lots to join in at your parish. Take time
to reconnect and strengthen the bonds with your faith community this summer.
I also want to put out another plea for women to step up and join our core teams. We have
many parishes that have representatives but also many that do not. I am looking for is a
minimum of 2 women from each parish to join in our efforts. The commitment is only 4 meetings
a year and the task is not hard. Your main goal is to help us make sure the women in your
parish are kept up to date on all the opportunities they can participate in around our diocese and
to help share information on what is happening in your parish and support women in
surrounding parishes as we minister to those around us! Go to our core team page to see where
these meetings are located and what parishes still need volunteers. We do not want to leave
any parish behind! If your women’s group would like to learn more, reach out and we can plan a
visit to your parish too! Help us connect on this faith journey!

Looking forward to journeying on this pilgrimage of faith with you this June!


Prayer Resources

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June Prayer Challenge

Join us for our June Prayer Challenge. June is the month dedicated to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our featured prayer for June is the Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise to the Sacred Heart. This would be wonderful prayer to add to your June prayer time. It is also a great way to start or end a meeting this month.

Upcoming Events

DREYM Upcoming Dates Facebook Post

Fall Retreat

Place this save the date in your calendar or add for a week in your parish bulletin. Make sure all women in our diocese have the opportunity to make time to join us! You don't want to miss the chance to gather with women form around the diocese to celebrate and share our faith. Registration information coming soon!


Book Studies

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Summer Quarterly Read 760x760
33 Days 1

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory

Check out our June featured book of the Month — 33 Days to Eucharistic Glory

Two book clubs have recommended this book be added to our recommended book list. Tt seemed like the perfect title to prepare us for the upcoming Eucharistic Procession coming though our diocese in July. Go to our faith formation page for information on ordering the book and downloading the study guide.

Women in the New Testament

Get a group together and start this summer bible study 

Go to our faith formation page to order discounted copies of this bible study and get it scheduled so others can join you!

33 Days to Morning Glory

Check out the new resources for Marian Consecration and schedule a summer consecration this June or July.

Upcoming Marian Consecration dates are June 13th, July 13th or July 20th.

Have a book recommendation?

Give your book recommendations for monthly book recommendation or for quarterly reads for 2025!

Service Opportunities

Get information in how you can join in the efforts to grow women's ministry throughout our diocese! Check back with each newsletter for more service opportunities as they become available. Thank you for your interest!

Have Ideas or Suggestions?

Is your parish offering a ministry program or event you would like to share?  Do you have ideas or suggestions for how to grow women's ministry in our diocese?

Please send us your ideas and suggestions to bprasad@diojeffcity.org!