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February 2024

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Barbara Prasad
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Mary Madelyn Mertes
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A Message from Barb

As the family goes so goes the nation and the whole world.  ~Saint John Paul II

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February is the month the Church celebrates The Holy Family. In these current times you can't pick up a paper, magazine or check out a news feed without finding an article or quote on  the demise of the family. Perhaps a month dedicated to the Holy Family is exactly what we need. The Holy Family is the perfect role model for us in these trying times. They are not a role model because life was easy for them, it was not! Think of the many obstacles, fleeing to Egypt, losing Jesus in the Temple, rejection of their son and of course Mary following Jesus to the cross. It makes my problems look small. It's not as if the times were easy, they weren't. It was a rather hopeless time for the Jewish people and they were under the rule of some cruel men. Rather they are role models because of how they lived and took up their mission in spite fo their circumstances and the times. Having this family as an intercessor in your life can be life changing. I hope you will take time to go to our prayer page and read up a little on this monthly focus and perhaps consider joing me in saying the prayers of consecration with your family.

I also want to highlight some of the upcoming opportunities to gather with other women in our diocese for faith formation, prayer and fellowship. Times are hard for families and our Church is being challenged in ways that perhaps are new to women of recent generations. All the more reason for us to surround ourselves with other women of faith and strengthen that faith life with renewed interest in learning the beauty of Catholic teaching. Here are just a few of the events I encourage you to join:

March 3 The Cathedral of St Joseph is hosting two talks from Jason Evert. on Chastity and Gender Ideology. These are not just for women but for families and children over the age of 13. I had the privilage of hearing Jason Evert on a few occasions while chaperoning for NCYC when my children were teens. I can only say this is a not to be missed opportunity. I wish I had heard his talk when I was thirteen, I wish I had heard it when I was a younger Mom but I am grateful I heard it. Teens lined up to get into his talks. There was standing room only and now it is here in our diocese. It is worth the drive and worth the cost and relevent for anyone that is part of a family. The world is challenging our churches teaching on sexuality and the body every where you go! Take time to learn the true beauty of Catholic teaching. We are not a churchof NO but a church of saying yes to what God intended!

March 23rd and 24th there are women's events at Immaculate Conception Church in Jefferson City and St. Stanislaus in Wardsville. It is so encouraging to see women picking up the call to evangilize! They are opening up there ministry work beyond their parish walls and inviting all of us to share in the experience.

And finally registration is open for our Women's Ministry 2024 Spring Pilgrimage. Joins us in traveling to Shelbina Missouri and the women in the northern part of our deanery. Catholic speaker Jill Simmons of Many Parts Ministry will be our keynote speaker and we are planning a lovely day of prayer and formation! Don't miss out! Information on all of these evetns is on our event page

If you have opprtunities for women in our diocese please share them with me so I can help spread the word! For the past three years our diocese has been working on the We Are Better Together initiatives. And we definately are! Pastoral councils around the diocese are embarking on the new initiative, Shaping Our Future Together! Let's all be a part of that by helping women throughout the middle of our state grow in their relationship with Our Lord and their love of the Catholic Faith. Together the future looks bright!

I can't wait to see you at an upcoming event and remember:

We ARE Better together!


Prayer Resources

Flight To Egypt

February Prayer Challenge

Join us for our February Prayer Challenge — This month perfomr an act of consecration to the Holy Family and unite the members of yoru family more closely to God and one another.

Upcoming Events

2024 Spring Pilgrimage Bulletin Graphic
2024 Spring Pilgrimage Bulletin Graphic

Women's Ministry Spring Pilgrimage 2024

Join us April 6th at St Mary's Parish in Shelbina MO for our 2024 Spring Pilgrimage. For full details follow the regstration link below.

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 Invited to (W)holiness by the Women of Immaculate Conception in Jefferson City MO

Join the women of Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish in Jefferson City for mass and a morning of reflection with Father Matthew Flately, Pastor of Immaculate Conception. Women of all ages are invited to attend!

Book Studies

Screwtape Diaries

The Screwtape Letters

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Have a book recommendation?

Give your book recommendations for our quarterly Faith Formation studies for 2024!

Service Opportunities

Get information in how you can join in the efforts to grow women's ministry throughout our diocese! Check back with each newsletter for more service opportunities as they become available. Thank you for your interest!

Have Ideas or Suggestions?

Is your parish offering a ministry program or event you would like to share?  Do you have ideas or suggestions for how to grow women's ministry in our diocese?

Please send us your ideas and suggestions to bprasad@diojeffcity.org!