Walking Together Women's Ministry Newsletter

April 2023

Walking Together

April 2023

A monthly newsletter to inform, support and share with women the many ways the Spirit is moving through us in our diocese.

A Message from Barb 

Although she did not understand everything, together with Him she surrendered herself fully to the will of God the Father. ~Pope Frances

Palm Sunday has just passed. As we enter Holy Week we have just been reminded in the Sunday gospel of the passion of our Lord. It is a gospel we hear every year and a story we have all heard many times. The above quote from a reflection given by Pope Frances after Palm Sunday mass, however, made me stop and reflect a little deeper.

The passion is so familiar that we can perhaps become a bit numb to the magnitude of the sacrifice that was made for us. As we head into Holy Week I challenge you to sit at the feet of our Mother Mary. Try to envision what she must have felt as she watched her son sacrifice for us. Let her be our guide as we too sit around the table of the last supper and stand at the foot of the cross. Like her there is much we may not understand but we too can surrender ourselves fully to the will of God the Father.

At the heart of God the Father’s will is for us is to come into deep personal relationship with Jesus. As we leave this Easter season I also challenge each of you to continue to strive to deepen that relationship. Below are a few ways you can gather with other women on this journey:


Spring Into Summer Pilgrimage
Join us on June 10th for a pilgrimage to our newly re-dedicated Cathedral. A pilgrimage is not just a journey to a physical holy space but also a separation from our daily lives to give time to experience God in a unique way. I hope you will take time to join with other women from our diocese for this day of prayer and formation. Registration is now open!


New Book of the Month

We also have our new book of the month recommendation. June 16th is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What better way to celebrate this feast than to kick off a powerful study on the life of Jesus Christ. Get ready to deepen your relationship with Jesus with a new 10 week study, Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life, recently available through Ascension Press.


Pray the Divine Mercy Novena

Add to your prayer life this month by praying the Divine Mercy Novena starting on Good Friday and ending on the Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday. You can receive daily email reminders from Pray More Novenas. Invite others to join you!

May this Holy Week bring your closer to Our Lord! Mother Mary be our guide.


What's New in Women's Ministry

Opportunities to Gather

Join other women in our diocese in fellowship, prayer, faith formation and service.



June 10th

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Cathedral of St Joseph  

Join us for a day of prayer, fellowship and faith formation

in the newly re-dedicated Cathedral of St Joseph.




October 7th   

Diocesan Women’s Retreat  
- Details coming soon


To invite women of our diocese to your parish events, please send details to bprasad@diojeffcity.org for inclusion in upcoming newsletters.

Book of the Month

The book of the month recommendation is designed to be put into action two months from now. Each month we will offer a book recommendation that correspond to the season, liturgical calendar or special feasts. The two month time lag allows you time to invite others to participate, advertise to your parish,  plan a date and order books. Of course any of these books can also be used for personal book study. 

Please send our office, bprasad@diojeffcity.org, suggestions for books or movies to include in upcoming newsletters. Any reviews on the book would also be greatly appreciated. 

Diocese of Jefferson City Schools Office

Opportunities to Serve

Get information in how you can join in the efforts to grow women's ministry throughout our diocese

Bright Ideas

Is your parish offering a ministry program or event you would like to share?  We are working on building a portal of ideas for women working/volunteering in ministry to access. Please send us information on what is working in your parish. Email ministry ideas to bprasad@diojeffcity.org and help us build a portal that will inspire us all.

Speakers Bureau

We are looking for local speakers in our diocese to be listed on our speakers bureau page. Please submit your name and what topics you speak on and someone from our office will reach out to you to discuss including you on our speakers bureau page.  To submit an idea, please email bprasad@diojeffcity.org