Books Going Deeper

Books to Go Deeper in Your Faith The Cup of Our Life: A Guide to Spiritual Growth By Joyce Rupp This book with 6 weeks of daily devotions is a great way to build a deeper habit of prayer. Rupp illustrates how the ordinary cups used each day can become sacred vessels that connect readers with life and bring them into closer union with the Divine. She explores how the cup is a rich symbol of life, with its emptiness and fullness, its brokenness and flaws, and its many blessings. Our Faithful Departed: Where They Are and Why It Matters By Leonard DeLorenzo We hear in the funeral liturgy that “life is changed not ended.” Theologian Leonard J. DeLorenzo shows us what this means and how we are called to remain faithful in our relationships with the dead. He explains that the Catholic Church teaches that heaven is not so much a place as it is a perfect communion in Christ where the living and the dead are forever united. discount copies available through our office Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel By Fr. John Riccardo Once we understand that the gospel is not merely good news but explosive, life-changing news, we will never be the same again. And in response to God's work in our lives, what part can we play in recreating the world for his good plan? In this powerful book, Fr. John Riccardo helps us to see the world through God's lens, with a clear vision of the future.