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Who We Are

Faith formation is an ongoing process as we are brought deeper into a Catholic way of life. This is a life-long process and one we hope to journey together on. You will find suggestions here for ways in which you can grow independently, or with others, in your understanding and love of God. 

We have multiple resources for you to explore. You will find a quarterly group recommendation, information on completing a Marian consecration, lists of recommended books and study resources, and more! These are all great opportunities to gather other women to explore a topic or study together. 

If you are looking for individual guidance, check out our spiritual companion page to find individuals and groups that can help you grow in your spiritual life. 


Marian Consecration

Take part in Fr Michael Gaitley's 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat in preparation for Consecration to Mary. This 33 day journey will deepen and renew your devotion to Mary by following four saints with a powerful Marian spirituality.

This retreat consists of a watching a weekly video and doing a daily reading and then meeting once a week for discussion with your group. Groups should start on a date that ends on a Marian feast. On the feast day your group will join together for mass and complete the consecration. Follow links for consecration start dates & additional info.


Start a Small Group Bible Study

One of the best ways to learn about our faith is by gathering together in small groups and participating in small group book studies. Talking about what we read helps us formulate our thoughts and beliefs. Listening to others can bring new insight. Sharing forms connections. Starting a book study does not have to be hard or complicated. We hope this page can help get you going. Each month you will find a book of the month suggestion. The book of the month is a featured suggestion that has been sent in by women in our diocese. These are recommendations others have found enjoyable in their parish. We also have a quarterly Diocesan Book club. We hope that parishes will host these qurterly books look for inromation below

Quarterly Women's Group Study

Four times a year we'll offer opportunities to gather together and discuss one book across the diocese.

This April - June we're offering options for moms at different stages of parenting: 

For the mom with kids at home:

Catholic Mom Calm by Sterling Jaquith

Most of us are living life without tools to cope with the stress of modern-day society. We constantly feel like we don’t have enough time… life is too hard… or we’ll never measure up. God, in His goodness, gave us tools in our brain to decrease our stress and to cope with stress when it comes up. 

This book will give you tools to:

- Calm your body down so you can think clearly
- Stop speaking to yourself in such a negative way
- Hear the voice of God and discern His will
- Make rock-solid plans to make your life easier

It's possible to do this motherhood thing without losing your mind. These four tools will help you significantly decrease the chaos in your life. The result... living with Catholic Mom Calm.

Purchase your copy by clicking here

For the mom with older kids:

In What Would Monica Do?, two mothers, authors, and lovers of St. Monica offer guidance, practical advice, and prayers for navigating the difficulty of losing a loved one to the world through their reflections on St. Monica.

With this resource of inspiration and consolation, readers will learn:

  • The story of St. Monica’s faithfulness to God and selfless love for her child.
  • How to navigate the grief of watching a loved one leave the Faith.
  • Prayers to offer for the conversion of children and grandchildren living contrary to the Catholic Faith.
  • How to let go of anger and unforgiveness to allow your heart to be
  •  filled with peace and comfort.
  • How to set an example of faith that draws non-believers to Catholicism.

Purchase your copy by clicking here

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Quarterly Women's Group Study

January - March
Women's Ministry Lent Read

Featured February Book

As Valentine's Day approaches why not check out the latest book from and Beth and  Edward Sri. Each chapter is followed by reflection questions that would be insightful to review with a group of friends, contemplate yourself or explore with your spouse. There are even unique questions for dating or engaged couples if you would like to use this book as a prep for marriage and dating.



Host our Quarterly Book Club at Your Parish

In 2024 we are asking women to sign up to host our quarterly featured faith formation book study. Each quarter we will feature a topic. All you have to do is let us know you are willing to lead the study and we will get you information on ordering the books and help promote your date, time and location. We hope to have studies going on throughout our diocese! Do you have book suggestions? Send them our way! We welcome your suggestions.  Would you be willing to host a book club? Sign up below and we will have someone reach out for details on getting started!

Our 2024 Quarterly Books

Preview upcoming books for every quarter of 2024!

More Book Recommendations

Looking for your next read? There's a book for everyone out there!

We have book recommendations on a variety of topics that have something to offer whether you are new to your faith or looking for something new to add to your collection. 

These books can all be read individually or as part of a book club.