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Velma Leary

Why did you remember the Diocese of Jefferson City or your parish in your estate plan?

I have been so blessed throughout the years with good health, mind, and body that I want to take the time to give back to the places that made me feel at home. The first check I write each month goes to my local parish and I hope when I am gone the first checks my heirs write goes to my parish and to the diocese. I think when we give; we get it back in so many other ways in our lives. This is a final way for me to say thanks for all my blessings throughout my life.

How did you remember the Diocese of Jefferson City and your local parish in your estate plans?

I worked with my attorney and we created a revocable trust that includes the Diocese of Jefferson City and the Cathedral of St. Joseph, my local parish.

What would you say to encourage others to consider remembering the Diocese of Jefferson City or their local parish in their estate plan?

I would encourage others to look at the lives they have lived and think of how they can leave an impact on future generations. I want to show an appreciation for what the dear lord has blessed me with over the years. I would encourage others to start thinking about the estate planning process. Reach out to your local pastor to discuss how you could help by remembering the parish in your plans. Perhaps you could also reach out to the Diocese Development Office to find out what the greatest needs are in the diocese.

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