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Gratitude Tree

Planned giving donors have historically provided essential resources that have enabled the Diocese of Jefferson City to help underwrite many improvement projects through the years and to establish an endowment. The Tree of Gratitude in Alphonse J. Schwartze Memorial Catholic Center in Jefferson City recognizes and honors those families and individuals who have provided for the Diocese of Jefferson City and all its parishes, through a planned gift.

Diocese Planned Giving Brochure

Parish Planned Giving Brochure

Thank You for Your Generosity

If you have already included a gift to your parish, school, or other diocesan entity in your estate plan, would you please let Bishop McKnight know? Bishop McKnight would like to thank you and invite you to join the Immaculate Heart of Mary Legacy Society. Please complete the form below or contact us at development@diojeffcity.org or 573-635-9127 ext. 227.

Planned Giving

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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Legacy Society honors individuals who have included a gift in their will or made a charitable lifetime agreement to the Diocese of Jefferson City.

Faithfulness and charity to the Diocese of Jefferson City can earn people the distinction of becoming a member of the St. John, Apostle of Charity Society. Eligibility for membership is open to those who have contributed a minimum of $25,000 to the diocese within the past 10 years through gifts of cash, real property, securities or scholarships.

Member Levels:
Diamond ................ $1 million plus
Emerald ................. $500,000 plus
Ruby ...................... $250,000 plus
Sapphine ............... $100,000 plus
Citron .................... $50,000 plus
Amethyst .............. $25,000 plus

If you have named the diocese in your will, please let us know. We would like to recognize your remarkable commitment to stewardship. If you are considering a planned gift or are simply interested in learning more about planned giving, please call Jake Seifert at 573.635.9127, ext. 227.