St. Aloysius (Argyle), St. Boniface (Koeltztown)

St. Aloysius Catholic Church


Physical Address: 260 Pine St, Argyle, MO 65001
Mailing Address: PO Box 6, Argyle MO 65001-0006
Phone: 573-728-6922

St. Boniface Chapel


Physical Address: 3982 Highway T, Koeltztown, MO 65048
Mailing Address: PO Box 6, Argyle, MO 65001
Phone: 573-728-6922

Associated Parishes: Koeltztown, Brinktown, Vienna

County: Osage
Deanery: Southeast


Pastor: Rev. Basil Tigga
Deacons: Michael S. Brooks & Matthew K. McLaughlin

About St. Aloysius Church

Before the Rock Island Railroad came through Osage County and the town of Argyle, Catholic settlers in the area were served by the St. Boniface Parish in Koeltztown, Missouri.

St. Aloysius, the patron saint of young people was chosen as the name for the new church, which was completed in 1910, where Father Jeseph Rapien was its first pastor.

About St. Boniface Chapel

Koeltztown is named for a Protestant, Miss Eremline Koeltze, who purchased large tracts of land south of Westphalia. To attract German Catholics, she donated 10 acres and building funds for a Catholic church and cemetery to the Most Reverend Peter Kenrick, Archbishop of St. Louis.

A log church was completed in 1861 with Father John Goelding offering the first Mass. Before that, Father Helias, a Jesuit priest, would ride by mule into the area to celebrate Mass at the Hermann Sandbothe home.

The parish grew and construction for the current brick church began in 1877, adding a new school and rectory in 1891 and 1910.

Parish History was taken from Proclaiming the Good News in the Heart of Missouri written by Loretta Pastva, SND.
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Weekend Masses

Saturday (St. Aloysius): 4:30 PM

Sunday (St. Boniface): 10:00 AM

Prayer Service

Monday (St. Aloysius): 7:30 AM

Wednesday (St. Boniface): 8:00 AM

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