Shaping Our Future Together: pastoral planning

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Shaping Our Future Together

Shaping Our Future Together incorporates the three pillars from the previous pastoral plan, A Steward's Journey: Our Call to Greater Communion and seven elements identified as essential for a thriving parish. Each deanery has developed a deanery-wide pastoral plan which addresses the unique aspects of the deanery, through the lens of the three pillars and seven elements.

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Pastoral letter

26 March 2024

"Our new pastoral plans will serve in continuity with the previous plans, deepening our mission as a synodal local Church along the themes of the spirituality of stewardship, co-responsibility and parishes as centers of charity and sanctuaries of mercy. Our Lord gives greater specificity regarding how “to bring glad tidings to the poor” in the beginning of his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s Gospel (Mt 5: 1-12) ..."

Deanery plans

Diocesan pastoral process

The foundation

Bishop W. Shawn McKnight promulgated A Steward's Journey: Our Call to Greater Communion on Feb. 6, 2021, at St. Thomas More Newman Center in Columbia, Missouri.

On the third anniversary of his ordination and installation, Bishop McKnight signed the letter and plan during Mass with the young adults telling them the Church needs their energy and “fresh eyes to help our Church transform into what the Lord is calling us to be,” emphasizing the importance of our youth in the fulfillment of our mission as a Church.

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