Aquinas Academy

Of the Diocese of Jefferson City hosted by Missouri Military Academy

Contact Information

Mrs. Lois Van Boening
Aquinas Academy Director

Dr. Erin Vader
573.635.9127, ext. 247

Schools Office Administrative Assistant
Paula Glynn
573.635.9127, ext. 248

Aquinas Academy

Hosted at the Missouri Military Academy
204 N Grand St, Mexico, MO 65265

Diocese of Jefferson City
Chancery Offices

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914

Aquinas Academy

Aquinas Academy is a weeklong enrichment camp for qualifying 6th & 7th-grade students who attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Jefferson City. It is held on the campus of Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri and takes place during the last week in June. Approximately 90-95 students attend the academy each year.

Our Mission

Aquinas Academy provides an environment of learning and experiences designed to inspire Jefferson City Diocesan Catholic School students with exceptional ability to reach their full potential.

Learn More

You can download the PowerPoint presentation about Aquinas Academy by clicking here or contact the Schools Office to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Aquinas Academy payments due?

Payments are due in two installments.  The first payment is due before the session begins, the second payment is due in May.

Where do I send my payments for Aquinas Academy?

Payments are sent directly to the school office:

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Is financial assistance available?

The Knights of Columbus organizations often provide some assistance with tuition.  Please contact your local KC council for information.  If money is requested, you still need to make the tuition payments.  The school office will reimburse you if necessary.

What if my child has food allergies?

Missouri Military Academy provides its meal program through Sage Food Services.   They are notified of students with food allergies before Aquinas Academy begins.  The onsite chef meets with students and will provide them with special meals if necessary. 

How do we include letters of recommendations in our registration?

Students do not need to include letters of recommendation with their registration materials.  They are submitted directly to the Aquinas director. 

Registration Materials

If nominated to Aquinas Academy, students and families may use this link to download and find submission instructions for registration materials.

Registration Forms →

Learn More

Learn More about Aquinas Academy by downloading the presentation below: