Report Abuse

If you or someone you know has been abused or victimized by someone representing the Catholic Church, believe in the possibility for Hope, Help and Healing. Please contact:

  • The Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1.800.392.3738
  • The Missouri Adult Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1.800.392.0210
  • Your local civil authorities
  • Diocese of Jefferson City Victim assistance coordinator: Jacqueline Baldwin at 573.694.3199

Click here to visit the State of Missouri's website for more information regarding reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

Click here to report sexual abuse or related misconduct by a bishop.

Safe Environment Key Contacts

Office of Child and Youth Protection
Connie Schepers
573-635-9127, ext. 224

Victim Assistance Coordinator
Jacqueline Baldwin

Alphonse J. Schwartze
Memorial Catholic Center

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914

Accountability Reporting

Creating a Safe Environment

“Let me be clear: we must understand sexual abuse, whether by clergy or others, is still a present reality in society. This requires a proper vigilance and the necessity to follow through with safe environment protocols to ensure our children and youth grow and flourish in a healthy Church environment and a societal culture that protects the vulnerable.”

— Bishop W. Shawn McKnight

The Office of Child and Youth Protection in the Diocese of Jefferson City is here to help protect and heal. In our diocese, we are preventing the abuse of minors and vulnerable adults in these four ways:

Safe Environment Policies

In the fall of 2020, safe environment policies were updated to strengthen how our diocese is protecting the vulnerable among us by training employees, priests, deacons, and religious, adults, youth, and volunteers in our parishes, including our schools.

Click here to download the updated Safe Environment Policies, enacted Nov. 1, 2020.

Haga clic aquí para descargar las Políticas de entorno seguro actualizadas, promulgadas el 1 de noviembre de 2020.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities

In the Safe Environment Policies, the definition of "volunteer" is anyone who serves the mission of the Church with no expectation of being paid.

We categorize three types of volunteers:

Effective July 1, 2021, all K-8 Catholic School parents will be required to complete the requirements in 1.2. In some instances, parents may be exempt from some requirements. These instances must be approved through the Catholic Schools Office and the Office of Child and Youth Protection.

Please keep in mind that involvement in church-related activities is not defined as volunteering (e.g., participating in a quilting group, altar society meetings, or attending Mass or devotions). These forms of participation may be contributing to the mission of the church, but they are not strictly forms of volunteering.

For single-occasion volunteers, we have an easy-to-use form to help streamline your Safe Environment compliance. Please click here to fill out the Single Occasion Volunteer Form.

Downloadable Resources

The policies and procedures of the safe environment program of the Diocese of Jefferson City govern the practices of employees, volunteers, religious brothers and sisters, priests, deacons and bishops in fulfillment of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (“USCCB”) Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and its Essential Norms. In addition to the schools and parishes of the diocese, these policies also pertain to all Catholic institutions for which the diocesan bishop is a member of the corporation
(collectively, “Catholic Institutions”). The primary goal of these policies is to provide a safe environment for our children by preventing the opportunity for the abuse of minors.

Please see the PDFs below, and contact our office if you have questions on any of these documents.

Safe Environment Training

To begin the process of completing your training in safe environment, go to and create an account.

Within the Virtus website you will be able to register for safe environment training (in person or online), read and consent to the Pastoral Code of Conduct and consent to the background screening applicable to your role (see our policies for more information).

See our tutorial video (below) for more information on how you can create your account in Virtus.

Resources for Parishes

Downloadable Graphics

Quick-Reference VIRTUS Resources available for download