Process for Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor by a Priest

A report of abuse is made

Those wishing to make a report of sexual abuse of someone who is currently a minor contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC).

  • The person will be informed of their right to contact law enforcement.
  • If the person alleged to have been abused is presently a minor, a hotline call will be made to the Missouri Children’s Division.
  • The Diocese or its agents notify the local police and the appropriate county prosecuting attorney.

The report is received and forwarded

The Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC) sends the report to the Review Administrator and the Chancellor.

A determination of semblance of truth is made

The Chancellor informs the Bishop, who consults with his advisors and determines whether there is a semblance of truth.


An investigation occurs

If there is a semblance of truth, the Bishop automatically initiates an investigation.

The accused is placed on a temporary leave.

Diocesan Review Board provides recommendation

The findings of the investigation are communicated to the Diocesan Review Board.

The Diocesan Review Board makes a recommendation to the Bishop.

A determination of credible allegation is made

The Bishop determines whether the accusation is credible.

  • If credible, the Bishop refers the case to the Holy See.
  • If not credible, the Bishop takes steps to restore the good name of the accused, should it have been harmed.