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Office of Chancellor

Mrs. Connie Schepers
573.635.9127, ext. 224

Vice Chancellor
Bernadette Adams
573.635.9127, ext. 236

Fax: 573.635.2286

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914

Care for Clergy (Deacons and Priests)

Identity Standards and Communication Policies  - January 2021

Files for diocesan logos, templates

Parish Websites

Quick Reference Style Guide

For more information, including how to update parishioners' contact information, The Catholic Missourian deadlines and how to submit events for publication, visit the Communication section of our website.


Confirmation Policy - March 2020

For more information, including practical guides and a liturgy form for the rite of confirmation, visit the Confirmation section of our website.

Construction and renovation policies
Employee Benefits
Marriage preparation and wedding policies

Marriage Preparation Policy - July 2021

Wedding Policy - June 2019

Marriage Preparation Facilitators Training Guidelines - January 2021

For more information, visit the Marriage Preparation section of our website.

Parish facilities upkeep

Rectory Policy - October 2019

Weapons Policy - October 2019

Parish financial policies
Safe Environment

Safe Environment Policy - Nov. 1, 2020

Code of Pastoral Conduct - June 2018

For more information and forms, visit the Safe Environment section of our website.


Digital, Online and Social Communication with Youth - August 2018

For more information, including consent forms, visit the Youth Ministry section of our website.


The videos below are orientations presented by Chancery staff on specific policies, procedures and services. For more information, please contact the diocesan Chancellor.