Policy and Regulations Manual

Policy and Regulation Manual for Schools

This school policy and regulation manual has been prepared to provide information about the educational institutions in the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City and their major policies, practices and procedures. It is intended to serve as a general framework and setting for the principles for which the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Jefferson City stand, the benefits and the policies and regulations which apply to the schools. The information, policies and regulations described in this manual will be regularly reviewed and may be revised or changed without notice from time to time as deemed appropriate and advisable.

This manual supersedes any other manuals or statements of policy, oral or written, previously issued by the Diocese of Jefferson City or any of its management personnel. None of the policies or regulations in this manual are intended by reason of their publication to confer any contractual rights or privileges. This manual is not a contract of employment.

The organization of the manual has been somewhat based on the Davies-Brickle system of coding, although modified to meet the specific needs and direction of the Diocese of Jefferson City.

Policy Manual (PDF)

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