The Extraordinary Year of Mercy, according to Pope Francis, casts a “distinct light” on World Mission Sunday; missio ad gentes is a great work of mercy. Indeed, mercy is the missionary mandate for the Church. The Holy Father goes on to describe the boundless and personal mercy of the Father, the incarnation of the Father’s mercy in Jesus, his begotten son, and the long history of the mission of mercy in the church, especially by women who have given a maternal face to mercy. Pope Francis lifts up the role education has played in mission, the new challenges facing mission as it respects the indigenous culture of the people the Church is called to serve, and the baptismal mandate every Christian has for mission. World Mission Sunday celebrates 90 years this year having been established by Pope Pius XI in 1926. Just as then, so too today, World Mission Sunday is a sign of missionary ecclesial communion opening our hearts to all of humanity.

Full Pope Francis’ World Mission Sunday Message.

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