Natural Family Planning

What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?

Natural Family Planning is simply fertility awareness: knowledge of a couple’s fertility. It is the reading of the body’s signs of fertility and infertility.

Why NFP?

• Organic & Green: NFP is 100% organic! No artificial hormones drugs, devices, or procedures. It keeps our bodies and the environment clean.
• Healthy: NFP promotes better health and awareness, and may be used to spot abnormalities to prevent possible health problems.
• Effective: NFP works! The methods described in this pamphlet have been found to be over 99% effective in postponing pregnancy, and over 98% effective in achieving one, without any side effects.
• Morally Acceptable: NFP treats both the man and woman with dignity and respect. It values and protects human life from the moment of conception, when a new life begins, vs. contraception which inherently treats the body as a machine, the other person as an object, and human persons as biological tissue. In using NFP, neither the man nor the woman alter their bodies; instead, they honor God’s plan and design for them, body and soul. To learn more about the Church’s stance on human life, read Humane Vitae by Pope Paul VI.

How to Learn

There are different methods of NFP. Two are represented within our diocese, and are very reputable. They are the Creighton Model FertililtyCare System (CrMS) and the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) by the Couple to Couple League (CCL). Both are over 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy and over 98% effective in achieving one.
To learn, couples generally choose a method and contact the appropriate teacher. Diocesan NFP teachers and their contact information are listed below, as well as any ongoing classes. CrMS classes are usually one-on-one and are scheduled individually with a CrMS Practitioner. CCL sympto-thermal classes have three different formats: Live Onsite, Live Online, and Self-Paced Online classes. To search or register for CCL classes, visit

Course Fees & Formats

• CrMS: Learning the Creighton Model System requires attending an introductory session and a minimum of 4 follow-up sessions. However, it is strongly recommended clients attend all 8 follow-up sessions conducted over a year’s time. Class fees vary by practitioner, but may cost $40/session. The fee covers all essential learning and charting materials. The introductory session may take up to an hour and a half. Postpartum and premenopause classes are also available.
• CCL: Class formats and fees are as follows: Live Class Onsite ($130+S&H), Live Class Online ($130+S&H), or Self-Paced Online ($110, with an introductory offer of $99). The Live Onsite and Live Online class series each consist of three classes, about two and a half hours long, spaced one month apart. The Self-Paced Online class follows a modular format which allows student couples to complete at their own pace and learn despite obstacles such as distance and time constraints.

Course fees include all materials needed to learn and practice NFP, as well as a free trial of CycleProGo® (CCL’s mobile charting app), and basic membership to CCL which includes a one-year subscription to CCL’s award-winning Family Foundations magazine.

Premenopause or postpartum transition classes are also available.

Free Introductory Sessions

Our diocesan Mid-Missouri NFP teachers are willing to offer a free introductory class to those who would like to learn more about NFP without the cost and commitment of an entire course. Those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity must request to do so with the NFP teacher before attending a class.

Financial Assistance

Partial and full scholarships for course fees may be available upon request with the NFP teacher prior to registering for a class.

To Learn More

Visit any of the following sites:
• Couple to Couple League International (
• Couple to Couple League of Kansas City – to find or register for classes in the KC area
• Creighton Model FertilityCare System (
• FertilityCare Center of Kansas City (introductory classes in KC area for Creighton Model)
• Mid-Missouri NFP ( – local, Jefferson City diocesan NFP teachers and classes
• NFP Office for the Archdiocese of St. Louis
• Pope Paul VI Institute ( – for natural help with infertility and other reproductive issues

Additional Resources

• Contraception: Why Not? A talk by Dr. Janet Smith
• Green Sex: A Case for Natural Family Planning, a talk by Jason Evert
• Theology of the Body, an overview from the USCCB


CCL Teaching Couples

Jeremy & Maria Henson
Hallsville, MO
(573) 696-0778

Deacon Bob & Lisa Reinkemeyer
Tipton, MO
(660) 537-2362

Mark & Chelle Smith-Vandergriff
Jefferson City, MO
(573) 694-2504

Brett & Erin Witte
Glasgow, MO
(660) 338-5170

CCL Promoter Couples

Shawn & Missy Bailes
Jefferson City, MO
(573) 645-8867

Jesse & Missy Bexten
Ashland, MO
(573) 291-3980

Stephen & Kelli Smith
Jefferson City, MO
(636) 748-0373

CCL Chapter Chaplain

Rev. Dylan Schrader

CrMS Practitioners

Hannah Korte, Ph.D.
Columbia, MO
(816) 520-3771

Marca Stephens
Rolla, MO
(573) 247-8624