Marriage Resources


Refoccus is a marriage enrichment tool used either with groups or individual couples as a guide for them to recognize and respond to their unique marriage as an ongoing process. It can help in focusing on the strengths of their marriage and help to explore areas of growth or problem solving.


Bridges is the newly developed instrument to help couples share spirituality. It is particularly helpful for couples who want to increase the potential of their relationship and who want to strengthen the spiritual and/or religious intimacy.

Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter is for any married couple that desires a richer, fuller life together. Presented by a team of Christian couples, the weekend is a positive and personal experience for married couples. It offers them a technique of loving communication they can use for the rest of their lives. Marriage Encounter provides a couple the opportunities to look deeply into their relationship with each other, their families, their world and their God. It is designed to deepen and enrich the joys a couple share together, whether they have been married for only a short time, or many years.

What Have You Done For Your Marriage Today?

Are you married now? Or just thinking about it? Either way, you’re on a remarkable journey. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a new website full of resources and information on how you can live happily ever after. Please visit For Your Marriage.

Together for Life

Ave Maria Press is happy to offer a free quarterly e-newsletter offering encouragement and support for you and your spouse.

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center’s mission is to help individuals and couples that choose marriage for them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build and sustain a healthy marriage.

National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers

The NACFLM is an organization for parish members and staff, religious educators, clergy and diocesan employees who are interested in promoting and nurturing family life in all of its shapes and sizes. NACFLM offers a monthly email newsletter with family life information and resources. Sign up to receive this by emailing NACFLM.