Spreading the Gospel

Technology like e-mail, text messaging, and Facebook has helped shorten the distance between people and spread the Gospel in ways never imagined, so why do we still seem to be growing farther apart? Why do people feel increasingly isolated?

How do we spread the Gospel in a way that brings the love of Christ to others?

Cursillistas are invited to explore this topic with Father Joe Corel as he preaches on “Being Christ by Being Present to Others.”

Cursillista Leigh Tenkku Lepper will help us reflect on how fully we are living our Fourth Day with an Action rollo, “If We Believe This, We Have to Share It.”

Come join your fellow Cursillistas for a morning of reflection and fellowship. Light refreshments will be served.

Questions? Contact Monica Galarza: 573-465-3628 or moc.l1503516958iamto1503516958h@740150351695802LLm1503516958