Welcome Cursillistas and all friends who are looking to know more about Cursillo.

As of August 1, 2017, Bishop John Gaydos asked me to be your Spiritual Advisor for the Diocese of Jefferson City Cursillo Movement. I have been a priest of the Diocese for 25 years. It is my pleasure to pray with you, serve you and assist in helping you grow in your relationship with God and to be a witness of your Catholic faith as you put that faith into action. God bless all of you. Continue to meet and pray in your small groups. As you know, Grouping is essential and the purpose of our Christian leadership that began with your Cursillo weekend. “Christ is Counting on You!”

Fr. Greg Oligschlaeger
Diocesan Cursillo Spiritual Advisor

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a work of the Catholic Church. It has the same apostolic purpose as the Church in that it seeks to bring others closer to Christ. It is approved by the Pope and Bishops. Cursillo (pronounced KER SEE O) is a three-day learning and sharing experience of what it truly means to live as a Christian. The word “Cursillo” is Spanish and means “a short course”. If you are looking for more in your faith life; if you want to know how to live out your baptismal calling and are looking for a life-long method to carry you through on your journey – Cursillo may be for you! For more information, click for the Cursillo Brochure or contact the diocesan group at the email address below. You may also click here for a candidate application.

The official website for the national Cursillo organization is

Cursillo Secretariat

Rev. Gregory P. Oligschlaeger
Spiritual Advisor
Beth Schroeder
Lay Director
(Open Position)
Assistant Lay Director
Adam Brown
Deb Gerecke
Leigh Tenkku Lepper
Pre Cursillo Chair
Frank Appelgate
Cursillo Weekend Chair
(Open Position)
Post Cursillo Chair
(Open Position)
School of Leaders
(Open Position)
Applications Coordinator
Paula Heath
Communications Coordinator

Contact Information

PO Box 104923
Jefferson City, MO 65110

Rev. Gregory P. Oligschlaeger
Spiritual Advisor
Beth Schroeder
Lay Director

Email: moc.l1544849278iamg@1544849278ollis1544849278ruc.e1544849278secoi1544849278d.yti1544849278cffej1544849278

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