NCEA Academic Excellence Survey

2023-2024 Curriculum Survey


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Standard 7

An excellent Catholic school has a clearly articulated, rigorous curriculum aligned with professionally accepted, research-based curriculum standards and gospel values implemented through effective instruction.
Does the Catholic school Office provide established, diocesan-wide curriculum standards?(Required)
Does the Catholic Schools Office provide specific standards for alternative educational models?(Required)

How often are the curriculum standards updated?(Required)

What programs/texts/methodology have you found/created to ensure Catholic worldview is integrated across the curriculum?(Required)
Does the Catholic Schools Office require a specific standardized classroom instruction review instrument?(Required)
If answered "yes" to above question, is it a diocesan instrument or a product a diocese can purchase?
Is there a diocesan-wide way used to assess students' ability to think critically and creatively with a focus on the common good?(Required)
Does your diocese have a policy regarding responsible technology use?(Required)
Does your diocese have a policy regarding Artificial Intelligence?(Required)

Classroom instruction is designed to address intentionally the affective dimensions of learning, such as Catholic virtue, intellectual and social-emotional dispositions, relationships and community building and skills of executive functioning. **Please give some examples of the resources offered by the Catholic Schools Office to support how your schools address the following:

How would you rate your diocese's ability to meet the needs of diverse learners? 1 being 'not well' and 10 being 'extremely well'(Required)
Does your schools office facilitate professional learning communities in your diocese?(Required)
Does your diocese require specific state licensing for teachers?(Required)
Has the Catholic Schools Office offered specific training in the area of culturally responsive teaching?(Required)

Standard 8

An excellent Catholic school uses school-wide assessment methods and practices to document student learning and program effectiveness, to make student performances transparent, and to inform the continuous review of curriculum and the improvement of instructional practices.
How much weight/emphasis is placed on standardized assessments by the Catholic Schools Office in compairson to other assessments?(Required)
From the Catholic Schools Office, how much time is devoted to standardized test preparation? 1 being 'no time' and 10 being 'most of the time'(Required)
Are provisions made for students with learning disabilities or anxiety issues associated with testing? (all forms)(Required)
Has your office had to address the concern of the growing number of universities dropping SAT/ACT for college admissions?(Required)
Has this been or is it an issue?(Required)

Does your diocese require a common standardized assessment?

High School(Required)
How much weight is given to the criteria of assessments (all forms) in relation to teacher retention?(Required)

Standard 9

An excellent Catholic school provides programs and services aligned with the mission to enrich the academic program and support the development of student and family life.
Does your (arch)diocesan school office offer a formal program to engage parents?(Required)

Which if any of the following programs are managed from the (arch) diocesan school office?

Guidance/Counseling Services(Required)
Wellness Programs(Required)
Behavior Management Programs(Required)