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Jamie Schulte
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Alphonse J. Schwartze
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The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is a covenant, a contract and a bond between a man and a woman that forms a partnership for life.  The marriage bond is a unique and exclusive relationship between husband and wife for the sanctification of the couple and for the procreation and Christ-centered nurturing of children in a family.

The family, with its foundation in marriage, is a fundamental unit of the Church. Marriage is also a basic social institution of human society. Marital love is at the service of the couple, the children, the community, and of the world.  Because of its timeless importance, the Church teachers that marriage between two baptized Christians is a sacrament, a source of grace and a sign of God’s love for the world.

Every sacrament needs preparation for its fruitful celebration. The Church wants to ensure that those entering the life-long commitment of marriage are adequately prepared for the riches and the responsibilities that are intrinsic to it. This is why the Diocese of Jefferson City has a policy for marriage preparation. It is not to make the couple “check the boxes” or “jump through hoops.” In her efforts of remote, proximate and immediate preparation, the Church is not trying to make it more difficult to get married, but rather provide the best opportunity for equipping the couple to live a shared life of love, compassion and nurturing grace.

- Bishop W. Shawn McKnight

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