First and third-grader’s lemonade stand a focal point of hurricane relief

By Lynn Bertsch

Who would have known that a lemonade stand in Salisbury, Missouri could help so many students affected by the hurricanes?
Trace Biere and Kendra Bertsch — a first-grader and third-grader at St. Joseph School, came up with the idea of having a lemonade stand.
Like most young kids, their original purpose was to buy a new toy.
Then, the hurricanes hit and many discussions were had about how hard it must be for those kids to lose their homes, schools and their belongings.
After much discussion, Trace and Kendra decided that maybe they should do the lemonade stand but give the money they make to a Catholic school that was hit by the hurricane.
After researching Catholic schools in Florida that were affected by Hurricane Irma, they settled on the school that was hit the hardest.
It was decided that all the money they raised would be given, and all supplies needed would be donated by Trace and Kendra’s families.
Trace and Kendra began to make plans on the car rides to and from school each day.
Many lemonade stand designs were studied, and one was finally decided upon.
Trace’s grandfather Raymond Boss, helped construct the stand. Trace and Kendra spent an afternoon painting until it was perfect.
They made and delivered flyers to area businesses to promote their event and told as many people as they could to help spread the word.
Kendra’s dad helped pass along the information by creating an event on Facebook.
Trace and Kendra set the menu and split the baking duties between the two of them.
They began making their baked goods with love. Their grandmothers volunteered to help by making a few batches of cookies, as well.
Posters and signs were made and painted to display along the road to attract customers.
Finally, Saturday, Sept. 23 — they day they had been preparing for —arrived.
Trace and Kendra got up early to set up and open their stand for business in the Regional Missouri Bank parking lot.
Many individuals and business representatives stopped by to help support the hurricane victims.
At the end of the day, they had raised $ $1,127 for their cause.
St. Joseph School wanted to support the cause as well. It was decided to hold a free will donations to dress-down for a day at school on Friday, Sept. 22, with all money raised going towards this great cause.
This generated another $398.
The total funds raised between the lemonade stand and the dress-down day was $1,525.
Trace and Kendra were amazed at the amount of money they had raised and decided to find another Catholic school to help and split the money between the two schools.
After researching again, they found a school in Texas that was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
Now, two schools will benefit from Trace and Kendra’s kindness.
It is wonderful to witness two young kids with a big idea making a positive difference in our world.

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