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Interview with Bishop John R. Gaydos, Bishop Emeritus of Jefferson City


98% as of January 8, 2018.

Stewardship emphasizes our call to serve the Lord as he guides us in becoming stewards of his many gifts.  It encourages us to ask ourselves:  “What, Lord, do you want me to do to fulfill Your will for the Church?”  To be a responsible steward means to live out a commitment to be Christ-centered.  Gratitude, justice and love are fundamental motives for giving back to God.  Adopting a life of stewardship means pledging a portion of the gifts God has given you through prayer, worship, talents and financial blessings.

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal makes possible the diocesan ministries that provide direct services to our parishes, including:

  • Youth ministry and vocation programs.
  • Recruitment of seminarians.
  • Formation of deacons.
  • Parish council training and parish planning processes.
  • Processing of all marriage cases.
  • Training and support for Catholic school teachers.
  • Parish engagement in pro-life education, activities and public policy awareness.
  • Salary support for Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri.

Most importantly, the CSA supports the spiritual development of all members of the local Church in responding to Jesus’ call to stewardship.


The following is a breakdown of the allocation goals for the money pledged to this year’s Catholic Stewardship Appeal. They are grouped into five areas of ministry, with a general description of each. The goals are for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018, and ending June 30, 2019.

Formation ($1,037,000)
As a family of ONE FAITH, it is important that we continually teach, preach and learn about our Catholic faith at all levels. To form future disciples, we are committed to help parents in their primary role of educating children in the faith through our support of Catholic schools ($125,000), religious education ($100,000), and youth ministry ($105,000). In vocations ($136,000), we pool our resources to invite and prepare our future priests. We do the same in diaconate formation ($25,000), adding to the 74 deacons serving our parishes. Ministry to priests ($137,000) supports the 84 active priests in the diocese as well as those who have retired after serving so faithfully. Other ministries include outreach to the sick and elderly ($115,000), to college students in our Rolla and Kirksville Newman communities ($60,000) and to welcoming and including the growing number of Hispanics in our midst ($135,000).

Outreach Services ($508,600)
As ONE FAMILY, we belong to each other and care for each other. Some of the various ways we exercise this care fit into the category of Outreach Services. For example, Catholic Charities ($250,000) is one way. Like most dioceses in the country, we give an annual contribution to this agency that assists the poor, the imprisoned, and those whose lives have been upended by natural disaster or some other catastrophic event. Parish assistance ($100,000) provides a helping hand to faith communities having a difficult time meeting their needs. We also provide a subsidy for the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC), our Catholic voice in the legislature, best known for its staunch defense of the sanctity of life.

Mission Advancement ($202,400)
In ONE FAITH, the transforming mission of Jesus Christ is our fundamental focus of our Church. We want to energetically serve that mission now and in the future. But, like any family, we need money to operate. The development portion ($160,000) of Mission Advancement is charged with finding the resources for our Church’s ministries. It is responsible for the Catholic Stewardship Appeal, grant applications, and other activities. However, mission advancement is also about evangelization and sharing the Good News of who we are and what we are doing as the local Catholic Church. The communications component ($30,000) ensures a Catholic presence in local media.

Matrimonial Tribunal ($192,000)
As ONE FAMILY, we proclaim the foundational importance of a healthy marriage. The diocesan Matrimonial Tribunal supports parishes in their efforts to provide effective preparation for couples wishing to enter into this sacred mystery of challenge and grace. At the same time, we recognize the frailty of the human situation and that some relationships, once vowed to be forever, can become broken beyond repair. Through our free tribunal services, those who are divorced may explore the annulment process, which not only opens the door to a sacramental marriage in the future, but attempts to heal the wounds of brokenness and reconcile individuals with his or her past.

Chancery Staff Services ($100,000)
In our ONE FAITH, we realize that it takes many hands and many skills for the ministry of our Church. We need our priests, our deacons, our teachers and our pastoral service providers, but we also need those behind the scenes that support and facilitate their work. Chancery Staff Services funds the essential work of those who welcome people to the Pastoral Center, as well as maintain and clean the property. The Pastoral Center not only houses the offices of ministries funded by the Catholic Stewardship Appeal, it is an active meeting site for members of the clergy, pastoral leadership and Catholic organizations from across the diocese

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