FAQs on stewardship

Stewardship Key Contacts

Director of Stewardship
Patricia Lutz
573-635-9127, ext. 230

Administrative Assistant

Alphonse J. Schwartze
Memorial Catholic Center

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914

Frequently Asked Questions on tuition, fundraising and capital campaigns in the Catholic stewardship way of life

In support of our baptismal call to be stewards of our God-given gifts, the Diocese of Jefferson City embraces the Catholic stewardship way of life. Our diocese has a rich history in stewardship; our strong Catholic school system is one measure of the blessings from a stewardship mindset. As we move more deeply into the stewardship way of life, this manner of living our faith changes the way families, parishes and the diocese financially support the mission of our Church.

The Cathedraticum and the Catholic Stewardship Appeal (CSA) have been the primary methods used to fund our obligations. The CSA includes an annual direct diocesan appeal to fund the diocesan chancery and ministries; assessed special collections at Christmas and Easter to fund the education of seminarians and priests; the Infirm Priests Fund; the Priests Retirement Fund and the cathedraticum assessment (an annual contribution supporting the bishop’s ministry which dates to the early centuries of the church.) In addition, seven other second collections are also taken up throughout the year to support the national and universal ministries of the Church.

Catholic Stewardship Renewal denotes the new method of funding the mission of the Church through a simplified assessment of a 10% tithe to the diocese on all ordinary parish income, and one assessed special collection at Christmas to fund the Infirm Priests Fund and the education of seminarians and priests. The 10% tithe to the diocese is used for diocesan ministries, financial support for the Missouri Catholic Conference, and the national and universal ministries of the Church. The only other special collections (not assessed) in this new model of stewardship are at Easter, for retired priests and religious, and the July Diocesan Mission Collection.

Two recent policies, one on “Inactive Catholics and Tuition” and the other on “Capital Campaigns and Fundraising in the Stewardship Way of Life,” are worthy of consideration by parishes adopting Catholic Stewardship Renewal. This page intends to provide answers to some possible questions that could be raised by parishioners and parish leadership.