Catholic Schools Week 2023 – Thank You

To Our Catholic School Educators and Staff—Thank You!

Every day, you are helping families and the Church to form our young people, made in God's image and likeness, to be faithful witnesses of the light of Christ in our world.
- Most. Rev. W. Shawn McKnight
Bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City

I am so proud to work with you all! Thank you for being Christ’s hands and feet in the world!
- Dr. Erin Vader
Superintendent - Diocese of Jefferson City

Thank you for all you do for the students of the Diocese of Jefferson City! It is a pleasure to work with and support your efforts every day!
- Paula Glynn
Senior Administrative Assistant - Schools Office of the Diocese of Jefferson City

Thank you so much for all that you do to make OLLIS a fun and safe learning environment for our kids. We are so blessed to have you in our life and cannot thank you enough!
- The Collins

Allie Matthews

Cindy Ayer

Constance Hesse

Thank you for your dedication
- Becky & Don Hudson

Thank you to all the Catholic school teachers & administrators for your dedication to our students. Thank you for providing a warm, loving environment to help our children grow in knowledge and faith!
- Shawn Neyens

Kyle Shull

Diane McCameron

Thank You to everyone at St Peter school and Helias Catholic where I have grandchildren attending. We are very grateful for all teachers/staff in all the Catholic schools!
- Beverly Cearlock

Thank you for all you do.
- Kathleen Lowes

Your time and talents spent on our kiddos is greatly appreciated— thank you!!
- Emily Miller

Tom & Gerry Martin

Thank you sooooo much for choosing  this ministry as a way to serve God and kids. We are so very grateful our daughter gets to learn from you!
- Travis & Chana Wilson

Thank you to all staff and faculty of St Brendan School for all of your dedication to the students. All of you are amazing, and much appreciated. We wish many blessings to all of you!!
- Casey Mathews

Make a difference as a teacher and/or student by making decisions according to the Gospel of Jesus.
- Sister Bernita Wasinger

I am so grateful to God for the witness our Catholic schools provide regarding our trust in God's grace and blessings. We truly live out the call to take communal responsibility to pass on the faith.
- Monsignor Marion J. Makarewicz

Let the children come to me and do not hinder them! Thank you for all you do to bring the children to Jesus.
- Father Dan Lueckenotte 

Catholic Schools are an essential part of the mission of the Church! Thanks for all the work you do supporting that mission!
- Father Brad Berhorst

Happy Catholic Schools Week! Thank you for all that you do!
- Gala Wolfmeier

Thank you for your dedication and support of our Catholic School Students, their parents and our parishes. You make a difference in their lives everyday and we appreciate you!
- Linda Shuster

Felix Adah

Thank you for giving so much of your love, time and talent for the children of our school and parish . God be with you everyday!
- Debbie Hillyer

We are so blessed and thankful for our OLLIS family! Audrey has had a wonderful start to her educational experience because of the blessing the school has been to her. Thank you!
- Vomund Family (Jess & Eddie)

Thank you for all you do to help grow our children to be loving, caring, kind people. We appreciate and honor you!!!!
- Rebecca and Josh Lester

It is hard to express in words how much we appreciate all the staff at OLLIS! It is a comfort sending our child to school knowing not only is she learning but she is also loved. Thank you!
- Lee & Ann Jolly

Stephanie Kleffner

Tiffany Shanks

Thank you so much for your time and dedication to the students. You are greatly appreciated.
- Dana Sleeth

Our Catholic Schools are light houses guiding our students with Faith,Love, and a great education into our Communities and further into the world.
- Jean Ann Mechlin

Thanks for all you do!
- Tami Kacmar

Thank you, teachers! We appreciate all you do for our children.
- Deidre Ritter

The children of our Catholic schools are truly blessed to have teachers who are passionate about both education and facilitating a love for God in our students!
- Joylynn Dawn

So thankful for all those who are faithful and dedicated to helping raise our children in the light of God. Catholic Schools are truly a blessing.
- Mindy Caldwell

I am grateful for your dedication to teach the children to grow in mind, body and spirit. May God Bless each of you as you share God's Love for them. Keep up the good work!
- Ruth Marie Korte

So proud of our Diocesan Catholic Schools. May God continue his blessings on our schools.
- Deacon Ray Purvis

My mother's education at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Monroe City has been appreciated by her children, grandchildren and beyond. A spiritual gift that perpetuates grace to all. God Bless them!
- Larry & Donna Mitchell

Thank you so much for all you do for the students. You are so valuable! We appreciate you!
- Marcia Dall

Dear Catholic School Educators,
Congratulations and Thank You for your leadership and service. Your dedication and commitment are greatly appreciated.
- Sister Kathleen Wegman, SSND

God bless all the staff and students in our schools.
- Deacon Robert Schowengerdt

Congratulations to our Catholic schools for enhancing our children's faith and academic excellence. The challenge of a society that is struggling to enhance to improve the quality of life of humans.
- Deacon Turf Martin

Sister Suzanne Walker

In 1998, the State Patrol Superintendent called my wife first, to let her know Helias was in Jefferson City before he offered me a promotion. He heard about my wife and Catholic schools.
- Deacon Bill Seibert

Julia Kisner

Jillian Sanders

Our Catholic schools are super because of the great teachers that staff them.
- Francis Butel

God bless you for all of your generous gift of sharing yourself with your students. My prayers are for each of you.
- Sister Ruth Ann Klauser

Thank you for keeping the faith alive in our next generation of Catholics.
- Deacon Ric Telthorst

The faithful dedication of the IC School staff is extraordinary. The respectful, kind and friendly demeanor of the children inspires me. This Catholic school gives me hope!
- Father Matthew Flatley

Thank you for all you do!
- Michelle Leos

May our good Lord bless you richly for the amazing work that you do every day.
- Pamela Mulumby

Your dedication and passion do not go unnoticed. You, along with parents, are gifting the Church by equipping the next generation of saints! Thank you!
- JoAnn Shull

I SO appreciate the gift of Catholic Schools to our Church! Thank you!!
- Father Dan Merz

Thank you to all the staff of OLLIS! You’re a great blessing to our community because of all you do. Thank you ❤️
- Martina Ohiemu

Thanks to all administrators, educators, and staff who share your faith and knowledge with our children. We are so blessed to have each and every one of you!
- Cecilia Lock

Thank you for all you do to help our children become all God created them to be!
- The Vellemans

A big thank you to all our Catholic educators!
- Mike and Jami Hentges

Thank you for the lives you have touched. You are very much appreciated. Enjoy Catholic Schools week!
- Pam Porting

Thank you for all you do for our children!
- Nicole Gregory

So proud of Holy Family Catholic School! Great Principal in Mrs. Sara Hooley, Wonderful, caring teachers and staff.
Happy Catholic Schools Week to all!
- Patty Miller

Thank you for all the love you put in to teaching our children each day! You are such a blessing to so many children and their families. You are truly special and we appreciate you!
- Liz Thompson

Thank you so much for everything you do for the students of OLLIS! You make all the difference!
Blessings and love,
- Andrea Burns

Thank you for greatly impacting the lives, and the faith, of not only the youth of our diocese but also their parents and our communities. You are truly helping make brighter the light of Christ!
- Deacon Mike Berendzen

Thank you for all you do!
- Darby Carel

Thanks for all you do for our students!
- Marcie Forck

To my fellow teacher, your dedication to our faith and students inspires me every day. Thank you for making me a better teacher and person through your examples.
- Ted Brauker

Thank you all for dedicating your careers to educating and providing religious education to our children! We truly appreciate all that your do!!
- Lindsey Eick

Perry Mathes

I love my Catholic School! Thank you to all the staff and families for their dedication to the school and parish. May the love of Christ be in your hearts always!
- Erin Polson

Thank you for all the work that you put into educating our youth!

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it." -Proverbs 22
- Kelsey Emmerich

Laura Forbis St. Clair

Lindsay Cordia

As a parent of an alum of Saints Peter and Paul in Boonville and now the proud parent of a Catholic educator at Helias, thank you for your ministry to our faith and to our future.
- Patricia Lutz

We pray for the continued growth in faith and charity of our Catholic students and their parents this Catholic Schools Week.
- Deacon Dan Joyce

Terri Brown

Thank you for all of your hard work!
- Karen Hilbrenner

Jim Vignola

Thank you for choosing a Catholic School to educate at. You are very much appreciated!
- Theresa Rege

Thank you!
- Rose Lloyd

Our kids attended Catholic Schools from K-12 in our diocese. They continue to be very strong in their faith and we attribute that to the wonderful teachers, administrators and pastors or our diocese.
- Dan & Kathy Smith

We are so thankful for our Catholic school teachers and staff for their dedication and the job they do teaching our children. We are proud of our daughter teaching at St. Joseph Cathedral School.
- Vic & Cheryl Buechter

Thank you to all our Catholic Schools staff for your dedication in teaching the faith.
- Donna Long

So blessed to have such excellent educators!
- Cari Hall

I am so grateful to all the teachers and school staff that helped raise our children in the Catholic church. It is a joy to now see my first granddaughter getting the same opportunity!
- Barb Prasad

We are so proud of our students and those who work to educate and guide them.
- Ron Sayer

Margaret Harder

Thank you for all that you do for our kids! God bless you!
- Doug & Carey Henke

Thank you for everything you have done for our children! From the education aspect to the social/emotional support. We couldn't imagine sending our girls anywhere else.
- Mika Emerson

To ALL of our OLLIS teachers
Thank you so much for your excellent instruction, kindness, inclusivity, fun activities and above all your love and caring of my girls. Thank you so much.
- Kim Ebersol

All teachers are in my daily prayers. You are the foundation of every other profession. God bless you with good health as you make a difference in the lives of our precious children.
- The Broker Family

We are so thankful for our OLLIS community. The teachers and staff always go above and beyond and we are grateful for all they do for our kids.
- Brooke Morris

Thank you to all the dedicated teachers and staff of the Diocese of Jefferson City, and especially those at Visitation Interparish School, for all you do for our children. Your efforts are appreciated.
- Bob & Sheri Stormer

Thank you for caring for my kids throughout the years. You are all a true blessing in our lives!
- Stephanie Parsons

Thanks for all you do to provide an excellent education and experience for our children!
- Rebecca Koonse

Thank you for all of your love, time and hard work!
- The Bensons

Thank you for all you do for our kids!
- Kathleen Basi

Many thanks to all involved with Catholic schools. What a blessing to the diocese! May God continue to build up His kingdom through this beautiful ministry.
- Nancy Heberlie

We are pleased with the option our Catholic schools give our children’s education a possibility beyond academics. It is the third leg of our church and home environment.
- Edward & Deborah Portell

Thank you for answering the call to teach in a Catholic School, you are appreciated!
- Kelly Rohrbach