Continuing Education Grant Spring 2025 (New Applicants)

CSO – Continuing Education Grant Spring 2025 (New Applicants)

Application/Reapplications are due September 27, 2024 for the Spring 2025 Semester. Please complete and submit the application along with any materials that will need to be included (letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.)

Purpose: The purpose of the Continuing Education Grant is to help support and form faculty into emerging leaders, allowing them to serve the schools of the Diocese of Jefferson City more effectively. Funds will be allocated to support educators in achieving advanced degrees, certification or specialized training.

Criteria: To apply for the Continuing Education Grant, an educator must provide the following:

  • Complete a Continuing Education Grant Application in full.
  • Provide a written letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor and your parish/school priest.
  • Provide official documentation from the academic institution offering the continuing education describing the Continuing Education Program being applied for.
  • Provide a signed copy of the Pledge of Continued Employment.
Process: Vetting of applicants will be done through the Diocesan School Advisory Council. Applications will be reviewed twice a year, to accommodate spring and summer/fall terms. Grants are not retroactive.
    Requirements of recipient upon award of Continuing Education Grant:
  • Failure to maintain a satisfactory grade point average (3.0 or above) or failure to make adequate progress in the approved program may result in loss of the grant.
  • Tuition and any included fees will be reimbursed at a rate of 90% of each semester’s total. The remaining 10%, any additional costs, and any taxes due on the 90% reimbursement are the responsibility of the recipient.
  • Grant awardees are asked to continue employment in the Diocese of Jefferson City for five (5) school years after the last semester paid for by the Diocese. If the awardee chooses to sever ties with the Diocese prior to the end of this timeframe, or is terminated for cause, awardee will be responsible for repayment of the tuition as follows: If prior to the completion of one (1) school year, the full amount of tuition is owed. Subsequent years will require repayment of a pro rata amount of the tuition: if after the completion of one (1) school year, then 4/5 repayment is owed; if after completion of two (2) school years, then 3/5 repayment is owed, etc. If the Diocese initiates the dismissal for reasons other than for cause, the repayment requirement shall not apply.
  • All other contractual requirements must be met, and all local and diocesan policies must be followed for this agreement to remain valid.

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