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Sharing the Heart of the Church's Mission

Communication and community lie at the heart of the Church's mission because God's self revelation draws every believer into the faith community.

Communication within the Church is about the sharing of faith, the preaching of the Word, the celebration of the sacraments, service to the poor and marginalized, and the union of the larger body.

Human communication in the Church mirrors the communication of the Trinity, the divine community, in whom we discover the fullness of communion and communication.

How We're Serving the Diocese

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Weekly Webinar: WordPress Dashboard

By Ashley Wiskirchen | June 17, 2021

In this Weekly Webinar we tour the tabs in the WordPress dashboard and functionality on this “back end” of your parish website. Topics we cover (with timestamps!) 0:30: Finding your…

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Weekly Webinar: RENXT For Parishes

By Ashley Wiskirchen | June 10, 2021

This week’s #WeeklyWebinar presenter is Denise Barnes. Denise introduces herself in the first few minutes of this training video, and should you need to contact her, her office number is:…

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Weekly Webinar: Blackbaud Universe Explained

By Helen Osman | June 3, 2021

How are we “Better Together” in our digital systems? By utilizing the strength of an integrated communication system, we can address today’s challenges we face as more people disengage from organized religion and robust online security becomes increasingly necessary.

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Weekly Webinar: Blackbaud Builder Tool II

By Ashley Wiskirchen | May 27, 2021

In this Weekly Webinar, we dive deeper into some specific and more complex capabilities of modules in the Blackbaud Builder Tool including: A breakdown of module settings for: Home page…

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Weekly Webinar #2

Weekly Webinar: Using the Blackbaud Builder Tool I

By Ashley Wiskirchen | May 20, 2021

In our second installment of the “Weekly Webinar” for parish staff development and training, we’re getting more practical with a “How-To” on using the Blackbaud Builder tool in WordPress to…

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Weekly Webinar 1: Parish Website Overview

Weekly Webinar: Overview of Parish Websites

By Ashley Wiskirchen | May 13, 2021

As we kick off the new professional development opportunity for parish staff and volunteers who are tasked with projects supported by the Office of Communications, we began our “Weekly Webinar”…

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“Weekly Webinars” offer training and professional development opportunities for Parish Staff

By Ashley Wiskirchen | May 8, 2021

Parish Staff and Parish Office Volunteers,  The Communications Office for the Diocese of Jefferson City invites you to join us in our upcoming “Weekly Webinar” training calls for parish staff…

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Online Giving Guide For Parishes

Online Giving Guide for Parishes Using Blackbaud’s Merchant Services Application

By Ashley Wiskirchen | October 14, 2020

Our communications team has put together this Online Giving Guide for Parishes to help you communicate the process and usefulness of using these services in your parish. Please consider using this guide to help your parishioners understand how online giving works, the security measures that protect their information, and the importance of continuing their stewardship goals in-person or digitally.

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Downloadable livestreaming equipment guide for parishes

By Ashley Wiskirchen | September 3, 2020

To assist parishes in their efforts to livestream liturgies, this download provides details on options and equipment to improve livestream broadcasts for parishioners.

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Importing the 2020-2021 Diocesan Events List to your Parish Website

By Ashley Wiskirchen | July 6, 2020

Shout out to you Parish Website Admins who bring me the best questions, dust off features we hadn’t been using, and find great short-cuts to get things done. This process…

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Diocesan Directory updates

By Helen Osman | July 3, 2020

These updates are for the printed Directory. To obtain a copy, contact the diocesan Communication Office. July 2022 March 2022 December 2021

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How to incorporate Google Analytics to track your website traffic

By Ashley Wiskirchen | July 1, 2020

Now that the parish website project is well underway, you may be interested to learn whether or not your parishioners are visiting your website frequently. With data on website traffic, we can learn about our visitors, and tailor content to make things easy for them to find and stay updated by.

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