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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I enter my third year as Bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City, I am extremely grateful for your generosity and commitment to our Catholic faith.  This year’s theme is,

"For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope." JEREMIAH 29:11

I have watched our community grow stronger in faith even during these uncertain times we are experiencing.  I ask that you continue to help me carry out the mission and work of the church by prayerfully considering supporting the annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal through a sacrificial gift.

May God bless you for your generosity, and may Christ’s peace be with you. I am,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. W. Shawn McKnight
Bishop of Jefferson City

Development Staff

Jake Seifert
573.635.9127, ext. 227

Administrative Assistant
Stacy Downard
573.635.9127, ext. 237

2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you,
plans for your welfare and not for woe,
so as to give you a future of hope."


Where does the money given to the CSA go?

Sharing in our success

This year's diocesan goal for the Catholic Stewardship Appeal is $2.45 million. Parishes are eligible to receive a rebate when pledges and/or cash meet or exceed their parish goal by March 15, 2021 and pledges are fulfilled by the fiscal year end June 30, 2021.  Any pledge funds received after July 1, 2021 will be applied to the following year’s CSA parish goal.

No money collected in the Catholic Stewardship Appeal or in your parish contributions will be used for any payments related to sexual abuse.

Weekly Resources for Parishes

Pre-kick-off Weekend (Oct. 3 or 10)

Pre-kick-off Weekend (Oct. 3 or 10)

Pulpit Announcement: The Catholic Stewardship Appeal officially begins in our parish NEXT weekend. Please prayerfully consider making a gift this year.  Read this weekend’s bulletin for more information.

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Kick-off Weekend (Oct. 17 or Oct. 24)

Kick-off Weekend (Oct. 17 or 24)

Pulpit Announcement: Our annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal begins in our parish this weekend. As noted in the bulletin, all registered households will receive an invitation and information from Bishop McKnight regarding this year’s CSA. This campaign funds vital services to all of the parishes and schools of the diocese and to those in need in the larger community.

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Third weekend (Oct. 31 or Nov. 7)

Third weekend (Oct. 31 or Nov. 7)

Pulpit Announcement: Thanks to our Catholic Stewardship Appeal, we enjoy access to sacraments and the service of priests and deacons. The annual appeal also funds teacher formation, ministry to youth, efforts in support of family and pro-life, and care for the poor and marginalized. You can ensure that this continues by making a pledge to this year’s Catholic Stewardship Appeal. Your donation, regardless of size, makes a difference.

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Fourth weekend (Nov. 7 or Nov. 14)

Fourth weekend (Nov. 7 or Nov. 14)

Pulpit Announcement: The Catholic Stewardship Appeal depends on the contributions of faithful Catholics across the diocese to support many programs and services vital to our parishes, schools, and those in need in our communities. Please consider the many blessings God has bestowed upon you and show your gratitude by making a pledge to this year’s campaign. Please be generous.

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Fifth weekend (Nov. 14 or Nov. 21)

Fifth weekend (Nov. 14 or Nov. 21)

Pulpit Announcement: Currently, we are at {insert %} percent of our parish goal as we enter the final weeks of the Catholic Stewardship Appeal. Thank you to all who have made a gift or pledge. If you have not yet done so, please know that we benefit greatly by the services and support provided through diocesan ministries. We appreciate any gift you are able to make. 

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Prayers of the Faithful for Parishes

For the Kick-Off Weekend (October 17-18 or October 24-25)

For the Kick-off Weekend
October 17-18 or October 24-25

That through our Catholic Stewardship Appeal, all of us in the Diocese of Jefferson City may show our gratitude for God’s blessings and unite in a faith that calls us to care for one another and for all in need of God’s mercy and love.

 For the Final Weekend (November 21-22 or November 28-29)

For the Final Weekend
November 21-22 or November 28-29

That our Catholic Stewardship Appeal be successful and that those members of our parish family who have not yet made their stewardship commitment may gratefully and generously respond to God and their Church.

Options for the Intervening Weeks

That we at (parish name) may respond to our Catholic Stewardship Appeal as grateful stewards of God’s many gifts.

That we may show care and generosity for one another by sharing our gifts for the good of the whole Church.

That working together and sharing our gifts, we may become worthy disciples of Christ:  ministering to those in need and instructing those seeking Your truth and justice.

That we may be transformed by the Spirit to live a life of stewardship marked by faith-filled prayer, service to our neighbor, and generous sharing.

That we may open our hearts to the mission and ministry of our Catholic Stewardship Appeal.

That we may remember that all we have comes from You, rejoicing in that generosity and showing our gratitude by sharing our gifts with others.

That we may be good stewards of Your abundance and faithful caretakers of all You have entrusted to us, bearing witness to the love of Jesus Christ in our lives.

That we may rejoice in Your generosity and follow Your call to live a stewardship way of life.

That, aware of Your many blessings, we may be good stewards of time by putting prayer first in our lives, of our talents by serving others, and of our treasure, as we contribute to build up our Church and aid those in need.


My parish is composed of people like me.
I help make it what it is.
It will be friendly, if I am.
It will be holy, if I am.
Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them.
It will do great work, if I work.
It will be prayerful, if I pray.
It will make generous gifts to many causes,
if I am a generous giver.
It will bring others into worship,
if I invite and bring them in.
It will be a parish of loyalty and love,
of fearlessness and faith,
of compassion, charity, and mercy,
if I, who make it what it is,
am filled with these same things.
Therefore, with the help of God,
I now dedicate myself to the task
of being all things that I want my parish to be.

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