Making Connections

The Church and World Peace

November 8, 2023

English: By Bishop W. Shawn McKnight English: During a recent trip to the Republic of Korea (South Korea), I visited a cemetery located high on a hill overlooking a river…

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Co-Responsibility: A people united in mission

August 18, 2023

Though we have different roles, responsibilities, gifts and talents, our diversity is a strength for our unity: all of us have a role to play in the mission of the Church, and all of us are called to have a mutual respect for one another.

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Living in awe of his many gifts

January 6, 2023
Christmas Creche

English: By Bishop W. Shawn McKnight English: The new year — with the season of giving still fresh in our memories — is an opportune time to reflect on the…

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May the light of God’s grace shine brightly this Christmas

December 14, 2022

English: English: I pray that this Christmas season is a time of peace and joy for you, as we celebrate the birth of our savior — when the light of…

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Our goal: Thriving Catholic parishes | Nuestra meta: Parroquias católicas florecientes

October 27, 2022

I believe every Catholic in our diocese deserves to belong to a thriving parish — and we are beginning a new effort to make that possible.

On Oct. 18, leaders from across the Diocese of Jefferson City came together to begin a process called Shaping our Future Together. This process is part of our ongoing effort to build a stronger foundation for the future of our diocese as we work to enhance the parish experience in our diocese.

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Synodality: A way to be Church

June 24, 2022

… “The rural character of our diocese deserves recognition in our discernment of where we go from here. Rural life treasures the farm as a unique place for the family to unite around a common purpose and the necessity of depending on each other.”

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The Catholic parish in a time of violence

June 8, 2022

By Bishop W. Shawn McKnight Over these past few weeks, we have seen many serious, sad headlines and news stories reflecting a growing disrespect for the dignity of human life.…

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Choose life: the way of blessing

April 20, 2022

Bishop W. Shawn McKnight delivered the following reflection during a rally for the Midwest March for Life on April 20 at the Missouri State Capitol: I have set before you…

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Pray for peace in Ukraine

February 24, 2022

An unjust war is never a solution to disagreement among nations. The callous disregard for the sanctity of human life and the necessity of a just society scars the human…

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Martin Luther King Jr: living together

January 17, 2022

Statement from Bishop W. Shawn McKnight on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Nearly 60 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. visited St. Louis twice, in March 1964 and again that…

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