Decree Implementing Facility Naming Policy

May 17, 2023

In order to provide clear direction and achieve a uniform application of rules concerning the naming of facilities, and after consulting the Council of Deans, the Presbyteral Council, the Diocesan…

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Decree of appointments

May 8, 2023

The Most Reverend W. Shawn McKnight, Bishop of Jefferson City, hereby makes the following appointments to provide the most effective pastoral care of the Diocese of Jefferson City: PRIESTS REVEREND…

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Decree updating Diocesan School Policy Manual

March 28, 2023

To the Presidents and Principals of our Catholic Schools: As part of my ongoing efforts to provide the best possible Catholic education for our students, and in response to our…

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Decree implementing a Quinceañera policy

March 13, 2023

“It is a proper and grave duty especially of pastors of souls to take care of the catechesis of theChristian people so that the living faith of the faithful becomes…

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Decree of dispensation for St. Patrick’s Day

February 24, 2023

Dispensing the Faithful from the Obligation of Abstinence on the Memorial of St. Patrick Whereas, Catholics in the United States are required to observe abstinence from meat on each Friday…

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Decree of appointment

February 22, 2023

Having accepted the resignation of the Very Reverend Louis Nelen as Dean of the See City Deanery, effective 16 February 2023, and after having consulted a number of priests in…

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Decree updating the diocesan priest vacation policy

September 8, 2022

In order to provide clarity to the Priest Vacation Policy and in consultation with the Director of Human Resources, the Vicar for Priests, the Director of Canonical Services, and the…

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Decree implementing policy on inactive Catholics and tuition

May 13, 2022

“The duty and right of educating belongs in a special way to the Church, to which has been divinely entrusted the mission of assisting persons so that they are able…

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Decree on implementing diocesan policy on capital campaigns and fundraisers

May 13, 2022

“The Christian faithful are obliged to assist with the needs of the Church so that the Church has what is necessary for divine worship, for the works of the apostolate…

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Implementing the “motu proprio Traditionis custodes”

April 6, 2022

Whereas, the Supreme Pontiff Francis has issued on July 16, 2021 an Apostolic Letter motu proprio On the Use of the Roman Liturgy Prior to the Reform of 1970, Traditionis…

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