Weekly Webinars

Weekly Webinar #4: Blackbaud Universe Explained

June 8, 2021

How are we “Better Together” in our digital systems? By utilizing the strength of an integrated communication system, we can address today’s challenges we face as more people disengage from organized religion and robust online security becomes increasingly necessary.

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Weekly Webinar #3: Blackbaud Builder Tool II

May 28, 2021

In this Weekly Webinar, we dive deeper into some specific and more complex capabilities of modules in the Blackbaud Builder Tool including: A breakdown of module settings for: Home page “Row Setting” which displays video by default Hovercard module Accordion module Adding a new page, and: Using templates to build from a blank page Saving…

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Weekly Webinar #2: Using the Blackbaud Builder Tool I

May 21, 2021
Weekly Webinar #2

In our second installment of the “Weekly Webinar” for parish staff development and training, we’re getting more practical with a “How-To” on using the Blackbaud Builder tool in WordPress to edit information and manage content on parish websites. Find a recording of our training below, in addition I will add timestamps in a bulleted list…

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Weekly Webinar #1: Overview of Parish Websites

May 14, 2021
Weekly Webinar 1: Parish Website Overview

As we kick off the new professional development opportunity for parish staff and volunteers who are tasked with projects supported by the Office of Communications, we began our “Weekly Webinar” series with a healthy overview of the parish website project! Please find a recording of the webinar below. Following the video you’ll find a link…

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“Weekly Webinars” offer training and professional development opportunities for Parish Staff

May 8, 2021

Parish Staff and Parish Office Volunteers,  The Communications Office for the Diocese of Jefferson City invites you to join us in our  upcoming “Weekly Webinar” training calls for parish staff professional development in the areas  of communications and database management.   We understand our role to be one of support to you, empowering you to build…

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