Parish Website Admins

Weekly Webinar: Social Media for Parishes II

October 25, 2021
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Weekly Webinar: Social Media for Parishes I

October 15, 2021
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Weekly Webinar: Best practices for schools within parish websites

October 4, 2021

In this Weekly Webinar we cover best practices for school and parish websites.

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Common Workflows for Parishes

October 4, 2021

Creating and uploading a parish bulletin: Adding a New Page:

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Weekly Webinar: RENXT Basics of a Query

September 7, 2021
Weekly Webinar RENXT Queries

In this Weekly Webinar, Denise Barnes explores basics of a queries in the RENXT database.

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Weekly Webinar: Copyright and Permissions

August 27, 2021
Weekly Webinar Copyright and Permissions

In this video: 1:00: A general overview of Copyrights and Permissions (definitions of keywords, practical applications, up-to-date understanding of what can be copyright and what can or is not). 5:00:…

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Weekly Webinar: Online Giving II

August 24, 2021
Weekly Webinar: Online Giving and Merchant Services

Before you watch: Clarifying Services and Programs Within the “Blackbaud Universe,” we have several programs and offerings that we are leveraging to serve parish and parishioners digitally. In this training…

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Weekly Webinar: User and User Roles

August 19, 2021

n this Weekly Webinar, we discussed the Users and User Roles functionality of parish websites in the Parish Website Project.

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Weekly Webinar: RENXT Record Management II

August 12, 2021
Weekly Webinar: RE NXT Record Management II

Material Referenced: Click here for Blackbaud’s “How to Download and install the Citrix Workspace” Guide Click here to download Denise’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Child Records Timestamping in progress

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Weekly Webinar Quick-Look: Parish + School Websites

August 5, 2021

In this Weekly Webinar Quick-Look we explore the key advantages and practicalities of combining your parish and school websites into one.

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