Communications Office

Quick Reference for Parish Website Admins: Automated Post Updates + Sample Workflow

December 10, 2019

As our parishes continue migrating content onto their new parish website (and a few new parishes sign up for the second “wave” of website adoption) I have the unique vantage point of seeing how parishes ranging in size, community make-up, and ministries are communicating with their people. While every parish is unrepeatably unique, it’s so…

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Quick Reference for Parish Website Administrators: Key Takeaways from Onboarding

November 7, 2019

As common and frequently asked questions arise, I’ll be addressing them in posts on this website, conveniently collected at this link: Quick References for Parish Website Admins. As always, if you have additional questions, please do call or email me; “Better Together” doesn’t just mean being on the same page, but sharing struggles and triumphs…

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Quick reference for Parish Website Administrators: User Roles

November 5, 2019

As parishes in our diocese begin to onboard and migrate their content from expired websites or create their new site from scratch, I’ve seen some common questions, errors and insights emerging. As these common threads arise, I’d like to address them in the category “Parish Website Admins.” By collecting these posts, we can share information…

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Protecting personal information takes a united effort

October 3, 2019

Protecting one’s personal information in an increasingly digital world has required people to become more aware of what they can do to shield such details as banking information or one’s date of birth from digital thieves trying to steal our identity or money. Organizations who receive this personal information for legitimate reasons, such as your…

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Quick Guides: How to find and submit events on the Diocesan website.

September 5, 2019

Hello, again! It’s been another few weeks of fast-paced projects coming across my desk, thinking strategically on how our ministries can connect people to people, and good progress on the parish website development project. With so many gears turning, our office is hustling and bustling! It’s in these busy times that remembering our mission is…

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When a new task at work blooms into a new-found passion

August 7, 2019

I remember in February, the stress of discerning out of the convent, traveling halfway across the country, and moving back home. My time in New Jersey was done, and my goal was to work to continue working with the Church in some capacity. As I sat in the airport terminal, I remember thinking, “So… what…

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You are what you read

August 1, 2019

With the rise of social media and digital access to news sources, it can sometimes be challenging to understand the origins of the news stories we encounter. Quite frankly, it can be hard to process the news in today’s world of sensationalized headlines and misdirecting clickbait. This is not to say credentialed sources are obsolete;…

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The keys to Daddy’s Cadillac

July 10, 2019

We may not be helping people determine how to invest millions of dollars, but we do have a responsibility to safeguard something also very valuable…

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Transforming the Church, one website at a time.

July 3, 2019

If you’re joining today to read, I hope you are looking forward some time off this week to celebrate the Fourth of July with your friends and family. Though we have many irons-in-the-fire here, I know our team here is grateful for a break from the everyday routine to reflect on the freedoms and privileges…

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Answering a Few “Frequently Asked Questions”

June 20, 2019

Answering a Few “Frequently Asked Questions” Readers, it has truly been another full week of projects, and progress. I am so grateful for this platform and the opportunity to provide insight into the day-to-day work we’re tackling in the Communications office. Our Bishop’s goals for the diocese are ambitious, to say the least! Our efforts…

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