How to Mention/Tag the Diocese on Social Media

Let us know what you’re doing on social media by mentioning (or “tagging”) our account in your posts! Here’s a quick guide on how to tag the Diocese of Jefferson City on each platform.

If you’re not sure of where to put the “@” mention, you can always put the “@” mention at the bottom of the post underneath your main text. We will still get mentioned and we will see your post.


When creating a post, start typing “@Diocese of Jefferson City” anywhere in the post and our account should display in the dropdown menu that appears. It is crucial that the “@” sign is displayed, as this is how Facebook knows that you are trying to mention someone. Facebook will automatically change the”@Diocese of Jefferson City” to just “Diocese of Jefferson City” once you click our account from the dropdown menu.


Anywhere in your post, type “@diojeffcity” and a dropdown menu will appear, similarly to Facebook’s dropdown menu. Click on our account in the dropdown menu. This time, Instagram won’t change the “@diojeffcity” in your text, so you may be worried that we won’t get mentioned,  but don’t worry—this is how Instagram does mentions and we will get tagged and notified as long as @diojeffcity is somewhere in the text. If you type @diojeffcity just like in this image, you are good to go!


In the same manner as Facebook and Instagram, type “@DioJeffCity” and a dropdown menu will appear where you can pick our account. Just like with Instagram, Twitter will not change the appearance of “@DioJeffCity” once you pick our account, but as long as you have typed @DioJeffCity somewhere in the tweet just like in this image, we will be mentioned and notified that you tagged us in your post.