How to Hide Spam Solicitation Comments on Facebook

There are several cases of spam comments circulating around Facebook where spammers claim to sell merchandise with your logo on it. The comments typically resemble something like this:

Thankfully, there’s a trick to have Facebook block many of these comments automatically. If you’re seeing comments like this and would like to try automatic hiding, please carry out these steps on a computer (rather than a phone). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Annie Williams at

When you’re logged in to your Facebook page, go to Meta Business Suite.

Then, click the hamburger menu on the left side of the page that says “All tools.”

Then, click “Page Settings” (not just “Settings”).

Then, click the “Privacy” tab on the left.

Then, click the “Public Posts” tab.

Once you’re on that page, scroll down until you see a box for “Content Moderation.” Since these messages tend to use the same emojis (that typical users wouldn’t use), type some of those emojis in the “Content Moderation” box and click “Save.” If you’re not sure which emojis to include, try these emojis (you should be able to copy and paste them): 


Make sure you don’t include too many different emojis in this box, as you don’t want Facebook to automatically hide comments from a well-intentioned parishioner who happened to use a certain emoji. If you use the three emojis above, that should cover most of the spam comments without hiding genuine commenters.