Monday Morning Memo — 4 September, 2023

Happy Labor Day!

The Chancery office is closed today in observation of the Labor Day holiday.

The prayer below is from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and is published online at this link.

Prayer for Labor Day

As the sun rises to bring in the new day:
We remember those who descend into the earth, their work begins in darkness, pulling from the earth, the resources we steward.
We remember those who work inside a building away from the light and brightness of the day.
We remember those who work outside in the harsh elements of our world, the bitter cold and sweltering heat of extremes.
We remember those who do not have a job to go to, who are struggling to meet the needs of their daily living expenses, for whom the day becomes long and arduous.

As the sun sets to bring in the evening of rest:
We remember those who work in the night.
We remember those who are trying to recover from their labor and toils of the day.
We remember those who participate in unsafe and dangerous work.
We pray for a renewed sense of dignity in their lives and in their work.

God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the worker. Make a place in our hearts for compassion to the men and women who labor tirelessly for basic necessities. Ensure a place for the men and women who are struggling to find work. Grant us your wisdom to greet and care for those who are unable to work due to illness or circumstances that prevent their participation. Be with the children who are not able to run and play, but instead must put in a hard day’s work to help their family afford to eat, to live. Be with us all, Christ Jesus, as we go about the busyness of our work. Hold us accountable not only for our actions, but most importantly to each of our neighbors. May we continue to work together to bring about your reign! We ask this in your holy name, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Two new policies promulgated on diocesan website

Last week’s Monday Morning Memo included links to decrees from the Most Reverend W. Shawn McKnight, Bishop of Jefferson City, relating to parish finance councils and fundraising in the diocese.

The policies connected with these decrees have since been promulgated on the diocesan website. They are now available to read and download.

Both policies will become effective in the diocese on January 1, 2024.

The diocese has also published an FAQ document relating to the policy on transparency in fundraising. Click here to read the FAQ.

As a reminder, a listing of diocesan policies, procedures and particular law is available on the diocesan website at this link.

Teresa Tomeo to headline Women’s Ministry fall events

The latest issue of The Catholic Missourian features an interview with Teresa Tomeo, the motivational speaker, nationally-syndicated Catholic radio host and award-winning author of a dozen books. Tomeo is the featured speaker

Mrs. Tomeo will be the featured presenter at the Fall 2023 diocesan Women’s Ministry events on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 and 7, in Cana Hall at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, 2305 W. Main St. in Jefferson City.

In the article, Mrs. Tomeo invites women throughout this diocese to stop and consider how long it’s been since they did something out of the ordinary to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and the Church.

“When was the last time you set aside a whole day just for you and God?” she asked. “When was the last time you really took time to be with other women and be with Christ and share the faith?”

She talked about the importance of spending time with faith-filled friends.

“Fellowship and companionship are huge,” she said, pointing to a recent study that showed how just saying “hello” to neighbors every day offers positive health benefits.

“Even spending time with women you disagree with can be helpful,” she noted. “That’s when we often learn the most — when we’re honestly challenged, when people ask us questions.”

As she prepares to visit Missouri, Mrs. Tomeo asks for prayers for the Holy Spirit to speak through her, “and that he’ll be able to use me to touch the hearts of the women and help them find out what God wants for them, for their domestic Church and for the world.”

Help promote this event in your parish! Click here to download graphics.

Parish Leader Formation Day

As we juggle the demands of ministry, family, and the rest of life, it can be easy to start feeling like the “hamster on the wheel” running faster and faster yet not accomplishing anything, much less living with purpose. In this session, we’ll step off the wheel, reflect on what matters most in our lives, and learn a process to align our lives to the deep purpose God has planted in us. Join us September 26 from 9am to 3pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Columbia. The cost of $30 covers lunch, workbook and book.

To learn more about the presenter, conference, and register click here:

Walking Together newsletter

The latest Walking Together newsletter from our diocesan Women’s Ministry office is now available. Click here to read the September newsletter!

Mass attendance counts continue

Mass attendance counts are continuing in the Diocese of Jefferson City for at least the next 1 to 2 years. The decision was made by the Presbyteral Council during their June 6 meeting. The counting had been set to end on July 31. However, the counts were deemed useful to the Pastoral Planning process and it was decided that parishes should continue to collect these statistics.

All parishes should continue counting and reporting their Mass attendance. 

The rules for reporting will remain the same. Parishes are encouraged to continue using the online form to report their counts:

Save the Date: Parish Secretaries’ Workshop

The next Parish Secretaries’ Workshop will be held via Zoom on Wed., September 20, 2023, beginning at 10 a.m. and concluding no later than noon. The Zoom link will be posted closer to the date; in the meantime, mark this training opportunity on your calendar and send us topics or questions that you would like us to cover! Please send topics or questions to Bernadette Adams at

Share in bulletins, emails, social media, and websites

Women in our See City parishes are invited to a presentation and listening session hosted at parishes throughout our deanery by our parish core team members. We hope all women will attend one of the sessions and learn about what is being planned to help grow and support women in our diocese and also share with us how we can better serve your needs!

A Walk Through the Mass

The Cathedral of St. Joseph will be hosting “A Walk Through The Mass” with Fr. Paul Clark on Wednesday September 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the Cathedral with dinner in Cana Hall. Please consider attending this presentation to get a clearer view of what happens at the highest form of Prayer with Our Lord: The Eucharist. Details to follow. All are welcome. For more information, contact:

Catholic Charities PEACE events

“Love faces a vast field of work and the Church is eager to make her contribution with her social doctrine, which concerns the whole person and is addressed to all people.”
 – Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church 

Join Catholic Charities for an afternoon of faith formation, fellowship, and information on how Catholic Charities can help equip you and your parish to meet the needs of others through works of charity and mercy. With six event options spanning the diocese and host parishes in each deanery, we look forward to collecting together in an atmosphere of prayer to explore how Catholic Charities can best equip individuals, families, and parishes to carry out works of charity for their local communities.

What to expect:
Dynamic speakers, informative presentations, afternoon snacks, and an opportunity to connect with others in your community and across your deanery who are involved in stewardship, social ministries, and more. We hope you’ll join!

RSVP for the event most convenient for you at:

Upcoming trainings for PSR Teachers, DREs and Youth Ministers

PSR Teacher Workshop will be September 9 from 9 a.m. – noon at the Chancery. We will spend time on the following: Vocation of a Catechist; Ways to incorporate Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the classroom; Helping Young People Fall in Love with the Eucharist. To register click here. If your parish is interested in hosting please contact us at or These can be personalized to your community.

DRE & YM Workshops will be held Tuesday, September 12, 2023, from 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Chancery. Topics include: Gradually Understanding the Eucharist, Ways to incorporate the Liturgical Calendar in our ministry, Domestic Church and the Eucharist, Time to Share, Office Updates and More. To register click here.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Montessori style religious education program. That means we have beautiful materials kids and adults can touch, move and manipulate to learn and wonder about God through scripture and the sacraments.

Join us Saturday, October 28 from 9am to 4:30pm at Newman Parish in Columbia for a workshop on CGS and the Eucharist and discover what CGS can bring to you and your community. Click here to Register.

Attention all engaged couples, MPFs and pastors:

2023 Pre-Cana Conference dates & locations:

  • September 23rd @ Chancery: 2207 W Main St, Jefferson City, MO 65109

2023 Engaged Encounter dates & location are to be determined.

Women’s Ministry fall events

All women of our diocese are invited to attend our diocesan wide fall events. There are two opportunities to gather. Come to one/come to both! Join us for a Ladies Night out Friday evening or our all day retreat on Saturday. Both feature author and syndicated talk show host, Teresa Tomeo. We hope to see you there!

Eventos en Español

Curso Introductorio de PFN: Sagrado Corazón, Columbia (16 de septiembre, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

Las parejas aprenderán sobre cómo concebir o posponer embarazos de una manera natural, sin los dañinos efectos de todos los métodos artificiales anticonceptivos. Es un curso gratuito, ideal para todas las parejas en preparación matrimonial, casadas o que están viviendo juntos.

Para información y registrarse contacte a Enrique o Cristhia Castro al 573-680-3650 / 501-454-8308 o por correo electrónico a /


Retiro Parroquial de ‘Buena Administración’: St. Patrick | San Patricio, Sedalia (17 de septiembre, 9am-5pm)

El objetivo de estos retiros es ayudar a toda la comunidad parroquial aprender y reflexionar sobre la ‘Buena Administración’, la cual es nuestra respuesta agradecida como discípulos cristianos a compartir todo lo que Dios nos ha dado para compartirlo con los demás.

Para más información contacte al Diácono Enrique Castro al (573) 680-3650 en su celular o en WhatsApp o por correo electrónico a

Formación de Ministerios de Música – Parte I: Saint Peter | San Pedro, Marshall (23 de septiembre, 9am-12pm)

Todos los músicos litúrgicos, coros, ministerios de música y ministerios de alabanza están invitados a esta formación. Es una oportunidad formarse y obtener conocimiento y herramientas prácticas para poder brindar un mejor servicio a través de ese gran regalo de Dios, la música.  

Para más información contacte a Liliana Ruano al (660) 202-0317 o por correo electrónico a

Picnic de Colores: Saint Patrick | San Patricio, Sedalia (24 de septiembre, 1pm-3pm)

La finalidad del “Picnic de Colores” es reunir a todos los cursillistas y familias en general para convivir en un ambiente fraterno y de alegría. Por medio de juegos, actividades de diversión y comida se disfruta de la compañía de todos y de la naturaleza que Dios ha creado.

Para más información contacte a Maria Gomez al (660) 620-3405 o Raul Lopez al (660) 287-8920.

Congreso Diocesano: Multipurpose Building-Saline County Fairgrounds, Marshall (7 de octubre, 8:30am-6pm, y 8 de octubre, 8:30am-4pm)
El Congreso Diocesano es un evento organizado por el Comité Diocesano de la Renovación Carismática Católica. Es un evento de gracia y bendición para toda la comunidad y las familias Hispanas de la diócesis. Por medio de la alabanza, oración, enseñanza y fraternidad que se vive durante todo el evento, se fortalecen y sanan las familias, los servidores y las comunidades. Este es un evento único y especial que nadie puede perderse.

Para más información contacte Ilsi Palacios al (316) 530-1004 o por correo electrónico a


Retiro para Preparación de Quinceañera: San Pedro, Marshall (14 de octubre, 10am-4pm) 


PEREGRINACIÓN A ROMA Y TIERRA SANTA del 20 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre del 2023 – Diócesis de Jefferson City (Pilgrimage in Spanish)

¡Acompañe al Padre Cesar Anicama en una gran peregrinación a Roma y Tierra Santa! Volaremos a Roma para visitar sus basílicas, y lugares culturales, audiencia con el Papa, Asís y más. Después volaremos a Tierra Santa donde caminaremos por los lugares santos donde Jesús vivió, incluyendo Tiberíades, Belén, Jerusalén, Galilea y más. 

Para hacer una reservación, póngase en contacto con Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours HOY al: 1-800-653-0017. También por WhatsApp/textos/llamadas al (347) 463-3998. 

Contacto local: Diacono Enrique Castro (573) 680-3650. 

Employment opportunities

Sacred Heart School in Sedalia MO has an opening for a Communication and Technology Director. This is a full-time, exempt position. All interested persons should complete the application and contact the Principal, Nancy Manning at

Responsibilities Include:

  • Communications (website management, social media, event photography, videos, create graphics, newsletter writing, etc.).
  • Technology (Google, PC, FACTS logins, copy machines, monitor solar panels, daily tech issues, audio system, e-rate management, teacher tech training, update technology, google domain management, iPad, Chromebook cart management, tech security, etc.). See this add on Indeed.

The Chancery Office of the Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking a full-time (30-40 hours/week) custodian/maintenance professional to personally clean and coordinate maintenance services. Daily shifts to start in the early afternoon.

General duties include:

  • Emptying trash and cleaning of all offices, restrooms, and public areas
  • Minor household maintenance (unstopping toilets, changing light bulbs, painting, moving furniture, changing sink faucets, etc.)
  • Hard surface floor cleaning and spot cleaning carpet
  • Changing HVAC filters
  • Ordering cleaning supplies and paper products
  • Maintaining sidewalks, stairways and walkways in inclement weather
  • Coordinating maintenance for other types of repairs; plumbing, lawn care, parking lot maintenance, pest control, etc.

Learn more and apply online!

The Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking an experienced administrative assistant to support the Director of Parish Services. This individual will need to be proficient with data entry and have excellent skills with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Occasional travel to parishes within the diocese may be required with the Director (no personal car is necessary). This position is open to candidates of all faiths.

Qualified candidates will be asked to complete a skills test online. The employer offers a full range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability plus a matching 403b plan.

Applicants are encouraged to apply on!

St. Thomas More Newman Center in Columbia is seeking a Director of Music. Click here for more details and application information.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Child Development Center is seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team as Early Childhood Center Staff. A successful candidate is committed to providing a safe, Christ-like environment for the children, where they are loved, safe, and encouraged to learn. As part of our center, you will play a crucial role in providing a nurturing and educational environment for young children. Your primary responsibilities will include engaging in age-appropriate activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of children, promoting their social and cognitive development, and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the center. Starting pay is $15.00 per hour. Click here for more information.

Seeking a Highly Skilled Administrative Assistant: The Administrative Assistant for the Stewardship office is responsible for assisting the Director and Associate Director in implementing the Bishop’s vision of spirituality of stewardship throughout the Diocese of Jefferson City, which covers 38 counties in central and northeastern Missouri.

  • Prepares presentation materials and strategic briefings for deans and pastors
  • General administrative and office management duties
  • Meticulously plans, coordinates and executes events and activities
  • Provides administrative support for the department
  • Works closely with the Director of Stewardship and Associate Director of Stewardship as a team partner to educate parishioners on the spirituality of stewardship and convey the impact and importance of supporting their parish and sharing their gifts for the common good
  • Ability to travel within the diocese (no overnight travel); fleet vehicle provided for day trips

Practicing Catholic in good standing is preferred. Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Event planning and management is desired.

We are seeking a confident, competent individual to manage the stewardship office. Please apply through our job posting on or send resume to

Holy Family Parish in Hannibal is seeking a Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister. Key responsibilities include:

  • Assist the pastor in the responsibility for the Catholic faith formation for parish youth and adults
  • Implements the Bishop’s confirmation preparation policy
  • Organizes, schedules and oversees religious education in the parish
  • Administers a formation program for catechists that leads to certification and tracks completion
  • In cooperation with Diocesan Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister, orders approved textbooks, liturgy materials and other works that complement the religious education efforts of the parish
  • Provides resources and programs for adult formation

A Bachelor’s degree in theology or religious education is preferred. The pastor is willing to consider either one (1) full-time candidate or possibly two (2) part-time individuals. Resumes can be sent directly to Fr. Alex Gabriel, Holy Family Parish, 218 S. Maple Avenue, Hannibal, MO 63401 or applicants can apply on

Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School Positions:

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church is currently accepting job applications for a Pre-K through 5th Grade Religious Education Director. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: the administration of the Religious Education Program for Pre-School through Fifth Grade, the preparation program for the First Celebration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, and Summer Vacation Bible School; the administration of the Safe Environment Compliance Program; collaborating with the other parish directors of faith formation programs and the Diocesan Faith Formation Office in providing faith formation opportunities for the parish. The position is 32 hours per week and includes benefits. Must be an active, practicing Catholic. Experience in parish faith formation is preferred but not required. Please send a resume to Fr. Chris Cordes at if interested. Call 573-445-7915 if you have questions.
  • Cafeteria Supervisor: OLLIS is looking for three adults (parents, grandparents, friends) who like children and want to make extra money. Qualifications include love of children, practicing Catholic preferred, ability to lift 50 lbs., and standing on feet for extended periods. This is a position that follows the students’ calendar. You are off when students are off. The essential duties include supervising students and assisting them with their needs during lunch, such as opening things, sweeping up the floor, and washing tables between shifts. This would be fun if you could find two other friends to join you. We would love to see a group that can help us with our ROAR expectations and makes our dining experience something students continue to enjoy. Hours are 10:30-1:30. If interested, please email Elaine Hassemer at
  • Speech Pathologist (Full-Time): This position is to improve the speech and/or language of students identified with speech and/or language disabilities or students with speech and/or language delays, which interfere with the child’s ability to derive full benefit from the educational program. QUALIFICATIONS — Minimum: Advanced degree in Speech-Language Pathology or Communication Disorders; Missouri Professional Licensure in Speech-Language Pathology, Eligible for a Speech-Language Pathology Student Services Certificate; Effective human relations and communication skills. Preferred:  Previous experience as a speech-language pathologist in a school is preferred. The ideal candidate will have a professional and friendly demeanor and be an active practicing Catholic. Pay based on experience. If interested, please email Elaine Hassemer at