Immaculate Heart of Mary Childhood Development Center Staff, Jefferson City

Position Overview:  Immaculate Heart of Mary Child Development Center in Jefferson City is seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team as Early Childhood Center Staff. A successful candidate is committed to providing a safe, Christ-like environment for the children, where they are loved, safe, and encouraged to learn. As part of our center, you will play a crucial role in providing a nurturing and educational environment for young children. Your primary responsibilities will include engaging in age-appropriate activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of children, promoting their social and cognitive development, and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the center. Starting pay is $15.00 per hour. Click here to apply.


1. Childcare and Supervision:

• Provide attentive and responsible care for the appropriate age group

• Maintain a safe and secure environment, implementing appropriate safety protocols and emergency procedures.

• Supervise children during indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring their well-being at all times.

• Assist with daily routines, including meals, nap times, diaper changing, and toilet training.

• Foster creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning through play-based and hands-on activities.

2. Communication and Collaboration:

• Maintain open and effective communication with parents/guardians, providing updates on their child’s progress, behavior, and any relevant concerns.

• Collaborate with other staff members to ensure continuity in care and curriculum implementation.

• Participate in team meetings, workshops, and professional development opportunities to enhance skills and stay up-to-date with best practices in early childhood education.

3. Classroom Organization and Maintenance:

• Set up and maintain an organized, clean, and inviting learning environment.

• Support proper hygiene practices and model good manners and behavior for children.

Preferred Qualifications:

• High school diploma or equivalent; early childhood education certification or relevant coursework preferred.

• Previous experience working with young children in a childcare or educational setting is desirable.

• Practicing Catholic 

• First Aid and CPR certification (or willingness to obtain it).

This job description is a general outline of the duties and qualifications typically associated with the Early Childhood Center Staff role. Responsibilities may vary based on the specific needs and policies of the center. Ability and willingness to complete other training is necessary.