Facility Naming Policy

Diocese of Jefferson City


Section 1: Scope

This policy applies to public juridic persons ( e.g., parishes and schools) and other entities subject to the Diocesan Bishop for facilities located within the Diocese of Jefferson City. This policy applies whenever a facility (including but not limited to buildings, halls, fields, athletic facilities, or other structures) is indefinitely named or renamed. For purposes of this policy, any length of time greater than one (1) year shall be considered indefinite.

Section 2: Specific Individual Restriction

It is preferred that facilities be named after canonized Saints, the Gospel virtues, or locations of significance in the Bible or Catholic history ( e.g., St. Thomas Aquinas Hall; Charity Hall; Cana Hall; Fatima Hall). Facilities may also be named for collective groups ( e.g., Alumni Hall).

Facilities subject to these norms may be named after specific individuals if that individual is at least beatified by the Catholic Church. If an individual has not been beatified, facilities may not be named after him or her. Facilities may be named, however, in honor of a family surname. For example, a facility may not be named “John A. Doe Library” but may be named “Doe Library.” This applies whether the facility is to be named after members of the clergy or laity. Names with titles or honorifics are not permitted in the name of a facility. For example, a facility may not be named “Monsignor Smith Center,” but may be named “Smith Center.”

Section 3: Protection of the Faith

Facilities may not be named in such a way that conflicts or appears to conflict with the Catholic Faith.

When grave cause exists because of scandal or other potential harm to the Church, in the sole determination by the Diocesan Bishop, the Diocesan Bishop may require the juridic person or other entity subject to this policy to rename an existing facility. In selecting a new name consistent with this policy, the juridic person or other entity must consult original donors or other interested parties when appropriate.

Section 4: Additional Regulation

Juridic persons and other entities within the Diocese may adopt more comprehensive naming regulations; however, they may not contradict anything contained within this policy.

Section 5: Facilities Already Named after an Individual, Not Beatified

The prohibition of naming facilities after specific individuals applies from the effective date of this policy. It is the present intention that facilities already named after an individual who is not beatified may retain such name; however, such facilities are subject to Section 3 of this policy.

Effective Date: 17 May 2023