Decree Implementing Facility Naming Policy

In order to provide clear direction and achieve a uniform application of rules concerning the naming of facilities, and after consulting the Council of Deans, the Presbyteral Council, the Diocesan Pastoral Council, and the Superintendent of Schools, I now wish to implement the following norms for the Diocese of Jefferson City.

Therefore, I


that this Facility Naming Policy shall be promulgated by being published on the Diocesan website, and that it will take effect one week from today, all things contrary notwithstanding.

I would like to reinforce the fact that these rules and regulations are particular law for the Diocese of Jefferson City and are therefore obligatory for all who reside within our diocese. Pastors and Administrators are obliged to see that the norms of this policy are implemented in their parishes. Given at the Chancery in Jefferson City on the 17th day of May in the Year of Our Lord 2023.

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