Decree implementing a Quinceañera policy

“It is a proper and grave duty especially of pastors of souls to take care of the catechesis of the
Christian people so that the living faith of the faithful becomes manifest and active through
doctrinal instruction and the experience of Christian life” (canon 773 of the Code of Canon Law).

The Quinceañera celebration is a vibrant part of the tradition of the Hispanic/Latino community
within our diocese. In order that this important moment in the life of young women is properly a
moment of evangelization and catechetical formation, I am introducing this Quinceañera
Preparation Policy. This policy is the work of the Hispanic Ministry Advisory Council and the
Office of Hispanic and Intercultural Ministries. This policy provides clear guidelines for Pastors
and Quinceañera facilitators so that this celebration and familial tradition is properly formed by
the Catholic faith, and encourages all participates to a deeper involvement in the Church as good
stewards in their parish community.

I therefore,


that this Quinceañera Policy shall be promulgated by being published on the Diocesan website,
and that it will take effect one month from the date of this letter, all things to the contrary

I would like to reinforce the fact that these policies and regulations are particular law for the Diocese of Jefferson City and are therefore obligatory for all who reside within our diocese.
Pastors are obliged to see that the norms of this policy are implemented in their parish.

Given at the Chancery in Jefferson City on the 10th day of March in the Year of Our Lord 2023.