Decree implementing policy on inactive Catholics and tuition

“The duty and right of educating belongs in a special way to the Church, to which has been divinely entrusted the mission of assisting persons so that they are able to reach the fullness of the Christian life.” Canon 794 § 1

In the course exercising my vigilance over Catholic schools according to canon 806 § 1 and during the implementation of the stewardship model throughout the Diocese of Jefferson City the need to implement a consistent rule on inactive Catholics and tuition in Catholic schools has become apparent. Having considered all the relevant factors, consulted the presbyteral council, the diocesan finance council, the diocesan finance officer, the director of stewardship, the superintendent of schools and all other interested parties, I now wish to introduce this new policy on Inactive Catholics and Tuition.

I therefore,


that this Policy shall be promulgated by being published on the diocesan website, and that it will take effect on 1 July 2022, ad experimentum, for a period of one year. All things to the contrary notwithstanding. At the end of the ad experimentum period this Policy will be reevaluated. I furthermore order that a copy of this Policy be sent to all concerned parties.

Given at the Chancery on the 13th day of May in the Year of Our Lord 2022.