Religious compensation policy

Effective: 1 July 2022 | Promulgated by Bishop W. Shawn McKnight 1 April 2022

The Diocese of Jefferson City is grateful to the religious congregations that assign religious men and women who serve the people of the diocese by providing ministerial services essential to carrying out the mission of the Church.

The amount to pay the religious congregation for these services is as follows:

Fiscal year:2022-20232023-20242024-2025
Social Security$1,500$1,500$1,500

In addition to the above payment schedule, the contracting parish/school also provides:

  • Health Insurance: Full coverage in the diocesan health insurance program
  • Housing: Housing and utilities or rent and utilities if the housing is not owned.
  • Auto: A car is usually provided for both ministry and community needs. However, if the religious congregation provides a car, it is reimbursed at either $5,000 per year or at the current rate for ministry mileage.

Payments must be made to the religious congregation, otherwise, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will consider the payments to be wages and therefore subject to income and payroll taxes.

In the event a parish needs to request adjustments to the above, please do so in dialogue with the leadership of the religious congregation to which the religious ministering in your parish/school is a member.