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Suggestions for Pro-Life Activities in Schools and Parishes

Pro-life activities that go beyond the national March for Life in January:

  • Make Lesson Plans geared toward Life in school or PSR:
    • In History class learn how to write letters to Missouri government leaders on different prolife messages. 
    • In English write essays or poems or read an essay or poem that promotes the pro-life message
    • In Art class create images of pro-life
    • In Theology class teach about human dignity and why Catholicism fights for life
    • Teach current events lessons on specific life issues.
    • Create a bulletin board with a respect life theme.
  • Activism
    • Sponsor a March for Life at your parish, school or in your town-have students create signs in classes and teach them how to advocate for a cause in a Christian manner. 
    • Attend the Midwest March for Life Wednesday April 20, 2022 as a group from your parish or school. In 2021 breakouts for young people was included.
    • Write a letter to a government official about legislation that is for or against pro-life and why you agree or disagree, pending the stance. 
    • Create a pro-life club in your parish or school such as Life Runners and commit to walk or run monthly
    • Provide trainings on how to defend life
    • Provide students with and invite them to wear precious feet pins.
  • Service
    • Commit to at least one pro-life fundraiser or drive in the school each year 
    • Sponsor Meals for homes for at-risk women such as St. Raymond’s Society
    • Organize a field trip to a local nursing home to visit the elderly or help at a pregnancy help center
  • Speaker
    • Provide a pro-life speaker at your school or in your classroom
    • Students for Life of American provides a free speaker on topics such as Pro-Life Apologetics & Dialogue, Cultivating Healthy Relationships, Activating Your Pro-Life Beliefs or Pro-Life Leadership. 
  • Show the Movie Unplanned (for older ages) A free movie screening license can be requested for large audiences at 
  • Show a pro-life video such as one of the following: 
    • A sweet video from a child the message of pro life for all ages (all ages)
    • This short film from the perspective of a woman contemplating what to do in response to an unplanned pregnancy (middle/high school)
    •  “God Knew Your Name” Video for younger ages only show the students the last 3 minutes: (all ages)
    • Chris Stefanick Pro-Life Video  (middle/high school)
    • Abortion Survivor Video (high school)
    • Display the Truth Booth Video in the lunchroom or show in classes