Weekly Webinar: Gravity Forms II

In this Video:

  • 1:20: Turning a form “on” or “off” using the “Active” / “Inactive” buttons
  • 4:30: “Post Fields” in Gravity Forms
  • 8:55: Using a CAPTCHA Field to reduce SPAM (aka, the “I am not a Robot” checkbox question)
  • 10:30: Diving into form Customizations using “Field Settings”
    • 11:30: finding the “Appearance” and “Advanced” tabs for each field
    • 12:15: Adding “Placeholder” text for questions to help submitters fill out your form accurately
    • 14:03: Adding “Custom CSS Class”
  • 18:50: Conditional Logic (If/Then functions within your form)
    • Please Note: as of 8/1/2021, a known bug that prevents conditional logic from opening a new question has been popping up across forms from time-to-time. If you cannot use the “Show If” conditional logic function, the “Hide” function will work correctly and can be used as a workaround (as seen in the video).
    • 24:00 Sample ideas for using conditional logic
  • 26:00: Customizing “Form Settings”
    • 28:00: Enabling the “Anti-SPAM Honeypot”
    • 26:45: Enabling “Save and Continue” function on forms
      • 29:30: How the Save and Continue works for a user
  • 30:00: Confirmation settings
    • 32:20: Redirecting a user to another page after they click “Submit”
    • 33:30: Overview of workflow to direct users to a payment form after submission
  • 35:00: Notificaiton Settings
    • 36:15: How to send your registrant a copy of their entry
    • 40:45: Sending copies of your form to relevant parties at the parish for follow-up (E.g.: sending the Youth Minister at your parish a copy of the form if the user selected “Youth Ministry” on the form.)
      • 43:10: Using “Merge Tags” to redact or include specific information from your form when sending mulitple copies