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Weekly Webinar: Gravity Forms I

In this video:

  • 1:20: Introducing Gravity Forms, and the Gravity Forms Knowledgebase
  • 2:45: How to find your “Forms” tab in the WordPress Dashboard
  • 3:45: Add a new form or edit an existing form
  • 4:05: How to duplicate an exisiting form to save time when creating new forms
  • 6:22: Key advantages to Gravity Forms (over paper forms, or Google Forms/other free third party apps.)
  • 10:55: Starting a new form from scratch
  • 11:30: Tour of “Fields” (AKA, available “questions” you can include on your form)
  • 34:00: Previewing your form and testing your fields
  • 37:40: Setting up “Confirmations” (What the user sees after they click “Submit”)
  • 39:20: Setting up “Notifications” (What information is emailed to the parish staff after the user clicks “Submit”)
  • 46:00: How to embed your form on a page in your website
  • 48:10: Viewing individual entries on forms
  • 49:10: Exporting form entries as an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file
    • In this tab you can also export a form or import a form from another diocesan website, which I can assist you with!