Weekly Webinar: RENXT For Parishes

This week’s #WeeklyWebinar presenter is Denise Barnes. Denise introduces herself in the first few minutes of this training video, and should you need to contact her, her office number is: (573) 635-9127 extension 246, her email address is

In this training video, Denise gives an overview of Blackbaud’s database product, RE NXT (Raiser’s Edge NXT) to give a brief overview of data management, a guided tour of the system and Q&A from parish office staff!

Key Advantages to RE NXT:

  • Actionable database with information that can be used to meaningfully engage your parish
  • Supported by Blackbaud and the Office of Communications from start-to-finish and ongoing support as desired from the parish
  • Available at no cost to parishes in the Diocese of Jefferson City