31 May 2021

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Bishop’s messages

Please use the graphic above to invite people to participate remotely in the ordination Mass for Deacon Hooper. The Mass will be livestreamed at His first Mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, which will be celebrated , will be livestreamed at on June 6 at 1:30 PM (corrected time)

Explainer: How the “Blackbaud Universe” can be of service to your parish

This week, please join Helen Osman, director of communications, as she provides a broad overview of how our “Blackbaud Universe” can build the capacity of parish personnel. The webinar is Thursday, June 3, 12:15 – 1 pm. No reservations needed! Go to the Zoom link to join.

The antiphons

Our pastoral musicians hosted a very informative presentation on the antiphons. If you missed the live presentation, you can find it online here. A hint for priests: since you’ve already received the information in Father Schrader’s presentation, you may want to go to the 30 minute mark for the discussion regarding how to use the antiphons and musical examples.

Patricia Lutz, associate director of stewardship

We are pleased to announce Patricia Lutz as our Associate Director of Stewardship. Her first day will be July 3; please join me at that time in welcoming her to our staff. Patricia is a multifaceted leader with 28 years of non-profit experience serving Special Olympics of Missouri. Her husband, Brian, is a diaconal candidate and they are members of Sts. Peter and Paul in Boonville. Patricia will assist Father Jones in fulfilling our mission, as stated in the diocesan pastoral plan, of transitioning parishes to the stewardship model of Christian discipleship.

COVID-19 protocols

On May 13 the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. Therefore, the wearing of face masks and social distancing are no longer mandatory in churches for Mass in the Diocese of Jefferson City. Those who have not been fully vaccinated are urged to continue wearing face masks when they cannot maintain social distancing while indoors, in compliance with current CDC guidance. Please further note that no one is to be screened about their vaccination history in order to enter parish buildings.

On May 7 I issued a decree lifting the general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on days of precept, and abrogating requirements, restrictions, and special allowances of previous decrees for the COVID-19 pandemic. The decree is on our website. All legitimate national, state or local health directives must be observed. As we continue to respond to the pandemic, parishes are asked to continue some public health safety measures and livestreaming for the good of the community.

To prepare those who have been making use of the general dispensation from attending Mass in person, pastors could consider using the following scripts at the beginning of livestreamed Masses, in parish bulletins and on social media, as deemed appropriate.


As more people become vaccinated and the number of COVID-19 cases decline in our area, Bishop McKnight has removed the general dispensation from attending Mass in person, as of June 1. I am happy to invite all who have been away to join us to worship together, in person, and to receive the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, which nourishes our souls and heals us of our sins. That’s why we are obliged to participate in the Sunday liturgy each week. Of course, if you are ill, are traveling, or otherwise dispensed from our obligation to participate in the Mass, please continue to join us, via our livestreaming Mass(es). [Announce schedule}. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in person at Mass!


WE MISS YOU! As more people become vaccinated and the number of  COVID-19 cases decline in our area, Bishop McKnight has removed the general dispensation from attending Mass in person, as of June 1. Please join us to worship together, in person, and to receive the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, which nourishes our souls and heals us of our sins. We are indeed #BetterTogether! Of course, if you are ill, are traveling, or otherwise dispensed from our obligation to participate in the Mass, please continue to join us via our livestreaming Mass(es). [Announce schedule}. Hope to see you soon!

Moratorium on use of music by David Haas

In early 2020 multiple accusations of sexual abuse and spiritual manipulation were made against the composer/songwriter David Haas.  GIA Publications has suspended its sponsorship and publishing relationship with Haas.  The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is no longer providing him a letter of suitability.  Other music publishers have followed suit, and women continue to come forward with additional accusations.  On July 8, 2020, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis announced that it will not use Haas’ compositions at archdiocesan Masses.

Bishop McKnight has placed a moratorium on using any David Haas music throughout our diocese.  Please ensure your musicians and song leaders are informed of this.  Even though his musical works may already be in your hymns or purchased material, please refrain from using them.  Of course, we encourage anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or harassment, whether by David Haas, or any member of the church, to come forward.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of David Haas’ music, please contact  Father Dan Merz, chair of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission.

Remembering the dead

When you notify the Chancery of deceased parishioners, it allows us the opportunity to remember their memory in The Catholic Missourian for the surviving family. It also prevents mail from the bishop’s offices being sent to deceased members, which can be very sensitive for survivors. Use this link to notify the Chancery of parishioners who have died.

Share in bulletins, emails, social media, and websites

Catholic Disaster Preparedness Program Part 1

Disaster season is upon us! There is no better time to first plan and prepare your family to respond to a disaster. This 3 part series first will look at how to help your family plan for a disaster. Part two, will look at how to prepare your parish to respond to a disaster while the final part in the series is focused on how to share your gifts with your community. Please join us for this FREE training! The first session is June 24, 5-7 pm at the Schwartze Catholic Center. Drinks and pizza will be provided! Please RSVP by June 18 to

Seven Sisters ministry

Curious about the Seven Sisters Apostolate?  Can’t figure out how to spend a whole hour in prayer every week for just one person?  Visit for links to more information from the international apostolate, our downloadable booklet full of prayers for priests, and links to the Rosary and Stations of the Cross specifically for priests.  If you think God might be calling you to this ministry, feel free to email with your questions.

VOLUNTERS NEEDED: Mentors for refugee youth and young adults will meet weekly with their mentee (aged 15-24) during the ten weeks of summer between July-September, exact start date to be determined. Mentors will provide friendship and support to the mentee, doing activities of their choosing together, for example: visiting local parks, walking on trails, bike riding, visiting the library, and providing tutoring. Interested? Contact Amber Kemp at or (573) 540-1122.

Catholic Charities will host World Refugee Day 2021 on Saturday, June 19, 5 – 8 PM in Columbia MO. This event honors the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees worldwide forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence, while celebrating with refugee and immigrant families within our community by way of this resource fair and festive event. Sponsorships begin at $100. For recognition you may give online at, choose “Refugee Resettlement” and type comment, “WRD”. Or you may make your check payable to “Catholic Charities,” memo “WRD.” Please send to: PO Box 104626, Jefferson City, MO 65110. Do you have goods or services you would like to share? Let’s chat! Contact Diana Twombly at or (573) 540-1123. Some examples: food, raffle prizes, gift cards, music, or activities.

Employment opportunities

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri is hiring now! For information, please visit

St. Peter Catholic Church in Jefferson City is seeking an Organist/Director of Music and Liturgy. The primary functions of the Organist and Director of Music are to assure, direct and facilitate the continuous quality of the music ministry and to assist the Pastor in directing the liturgical functions at St. Peter Parish. For a detailed description please go to

Our Catholic schools are hiring! Go to to learn more!