A Seminarian’s Semester in Rome (In Pictures!)

Seminarian Abroad:
Week One

Jacob Hartman, a seminarian for the Diocese of Jefferson City is spending a semester abroad in Rome, Italy this summer. In this series of reflections, Jacob will share pictures and experiences during his formation in the eternal city. Follow along for more!

Week One

On his 25th priestly anniversary, Bishop McKnight said, “I’ve always found the priesthood to be a great adventure. One that has been much more than I ever anticipated or even sought for myself.”

I think of this quote very often in priestly formation. These three years of priestly formation in the seminary have been quite the adventure.

This summer, I continue the journey with further studies through the University of Dallas’s summer semester in Rome. Through this summer, I would like to invite you to join me on this adventure of discerning a priestly vocation. Here are some images of my first week.

Jacob Hartman is a seminarian for the Diocese of Jefferson City, studying at Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, TX. All photos provided here with his permission and were taken by Jacob for your enjoyment. Please do not copy, reproduce or use any photos without written permission.