Weekly Webinar: Using the Blackbaud Builder Tool I

In our second installment of the “Weekly Webinar” for parish staff development and training, we’re getting more practical with a “How-To” on using the Blackbaud Builder tool in WordPress to edit information and manage content on parish websites.

Find a recording of our training below, in addition I will add timestamps in a bulleted list below the video to help you find the step you may looking for easily! Feedback and additional questions are welcome!

In this training video:

  • 2:50: Launching the Blackbaud Builder Tool
  • 3:45: How the Blackbaud Builder Tool Works + Quick Tour
  • 6:15: Clicking on content on the page to edit/change, dragging new content onto the page to edit
  • 9:50: Global vs. Local Modules
  • 12:00: Distributed Content Modules that display information from the diocese on parish websites
  • 15:00: How modules pull content from the “back end”: Example — using Image Modules will pull a picture from your Media Library/allow you to add, edit or remove media right then and there
  • 20:00: Q&A — How can admins organize information into multiple columns and/or switch the page layout from a “left sidebar” to a “no sidebar” or “left and right sidebar” layout.
  • 27:00: Preview of next week’s training content

Join us on May 27, 2021 at 12:15 PM for “Part II” of this Blackbaud Builder Tool guide, where we’ll tackle:

  • Adding a new page to your parish website, structuring the page name correctly, and implementing a templated page
  • Saving a page layout as a template to apply to new or other pages across the site
  • Deeper dive into the “Typography, Advanced” settings in the BB Builder for each Module
  • The “Post Grid” module, and how to query posts into a page
  • The Gravity Forms module, and now to implement a form