26 April 2021

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Bishop’s messages

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Pope Francis will kick off a worldwide month-long prayer on May 1 for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vatican has announced.  The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization said that it was the deep desire of the pontiff that the month of May “be dedicated to a prayer marathon with the theme ‘Prayer to God went up incessantly from the whole Church.'” According to the Vatican Media, the pope will open the Marian month of prayer on May 1 with the praying of the rosary which will be broadcast across all Vatican’s platforms. READ MORE

Pastors and PLCs to complete and return
Safe Environment Compliance Confirmation

All pastors and parish life coordinators are asked to download this letter, complete it and return to Connie Schepers no later than May 1. Thank you for your prompt attention to this.

Prescribed collections

Collections for 2022 and 2021 may be found on our website by clicking on this link. You can also find this material on our page for Policies, Procedures and Best Practices.

Marriage preparation trainings for clergy and laity

Our new Marriage Preparation Policy, which becomes effective July 1, requires training. Priests will need to participate in the training (optional for retired clergy) and invite qualified lay people to be trained as marriage prep facilitators. Information on the qualities needed for these lay facilitators, how many are needed, and more can be found HERE.

Please, register for a training by using an online form. There are separate trainings for priests, deacons and lay people (in English and Spanish), with in-person and virtual options. If you need the link for the registration form, request it from Jamie at or 573-635-9127.

Deadlines and trainings

Registration deadline: May 1
Priests: June 4 (in-person and virtual)
Laity, in Spanish: June 1 and 3 (virtual only)
Laity, in English: June 12 (in-person and virtual)

The only charge to the parishes is $50 per lay individual/couple. All costs for priests and deacons are being covered by the diocese. Thank you for your kind attention to this important training.

ONE LICENSE Group agreement renews

The Diocese of Jefferson City has a group agreement with ONE LICENSE, which gives our parishes a 20% discount on ONE LICENSE’s rates. Our group agreement renews April 30. If you are interested in joining this group agreement, or changing your license to livestreaming only, please contact Helen Osman as soon as possible by email with the name of your parish, average weekly attendance, and the type of license you need (livestreaming only or printing and livestreaming). Reporting is easy via their online tools and ensures composers and artists are compensated for their music. For more information, view a workshop sponsored by our local NPM group and presented by ONE LICENSE.

Please also ensure you provide credit with each use of music, whether in print or online. Each individual piece of music/composer/copyright information should be provided. You can follow this format:

Words: John Doe, © 1988 ABC Music Co.; Music: Jane Doe, © 1990 XYZ Publications. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-xxxxxxx. All rights reserved.

Share in bulletins, emails, social media, and websites

Engaged Encounter

Engaged Encounter is a weekend with other engaged couples where an atmosphere is created in which each couple can concentrate exclusively on one another, free of the tensions, pressures and interruptions of the world. It is designed to give engaged couples the opportunity to discuss honestly their future lives together — their strengths and weaknesses, desires, goals, ambitions, their attitudes about money, sex, family, children, their role in the church and society — in a face-to-face way. Engaged Encounter is designed to deepen and enrich your relationship with each other. All engaged couples are welcome, including interfaith couples and those entering a second marriage. For a list of available weekends, to register and for more information, visit

Carmelites offering prayers
The Carmelite nuns ask parishes to consider using these graphics in print bulletins and on social media to encourage people to send prayer requests to them.

Employment opportunities

The Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking an Associate Director of Stewardship, to support the Stewardship Office through comprehensive communications and development programs for the Diocese of Jefferson City, ensuring an integrated development strategy involving all entities of the diocese. Through personal contact, print and non-print media and technology, the associate director, under the supervision of the stewardship director, is instrumental in assisting the bishop in his mission to teach and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. The primary focus of this position is to assist the Director of Stewardship in moving the diocese to a tithing model. In order to be successful, the candidate must be a practicing Catholic with excellent communication skills. He/she will be an inspiring leader and will facilitate discussions that lead to an increased knowledge and understanding of the activities and roles of the diocesan and parish organizations. Qualified candidates should send letter of interest and resume to

St. Thomas More Newman Center Parish in Columbia is seeking a Director of Pastoral Counseling to serve the college students who attend the University of Missouri-Columbia, Stephens College, and Columbia College and 700 households in our parish. The Director of Pastoral Counseling tends to the spiritual, mental, and emotional health of all parishioners (both students and residents). The Director  is responsible for coordinating spiritual direction and providing counseling for students and residents.  This position also coordinates faith formation for resident parishioners and pastoral care for the homebound. More information can be found at

Our Catholic schools are hiring! Go to to learn more!

Helias Catholic High School in Jefferson City, a four-year co-educational diocesan high school serving more than 750 students, is seeking a dynamic, mission-driven leader to become its next principal. The ideal candidate is a practicing Catholic who is a proficient and organized administrator with strong skills in faculty development, evaluation and management; a minimum five years teaching experience and two years administrative experience; master’s degree in Educational Administration; Missouri Administrator Certification; and Catechetical Certification. Candidate is expected to assume the responsibilities of the position in July 2021. To apply, visit

Helias High School is also seeking a president. More information is available online.

Annunciation Catholic Church, California, Missouri is seeking a financial bookkeeper/secretary.  Depending upon hours worked, there is a benefit package available.  If interested, please send a resume to Annunciation Catholic Church, 301 South Mill Street. California, Missouri 65018 or respond to .  The perfect candidate would be proficient in Word, Excel and willing to learn the parish financial computer program.  Training would be provided.  Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Opportunity for experienced, self-motivated, dependable, and hardworking administrative assistant is available within the Chancery office. This is a great fit for someone who enjoys variety within their work day, creative thinking, and problem solving. Organization, team mindset and attention to detail is a must. Candidates are encouraged to apply through and complete Word and Excel assessments.